Monday, November 26, 2007


Monday, November 05, 2007

The end of Franchione's reign of disappointment

When Dennis Franchione arrived in College Station in late 2002, there were high hopes in Aggieland. Aggies had grown weary of a declining program under our beloved RC Slocum, and in spite of his winning history (winningest coach in A&M history), and his creation of a legend in the feared Wrecking Crew defense, RC was "reassigned", in hopes of the Aggie football program ascending back into the college football elite class. It was said that RC just couldn't compete in the Big 12, that the game had begun to pass him by. The new coach, stolen from Alabama, was not only redemption for the theft of "The Bear" in the 50's, but was also considered to be the "Maroon Jesus" who would resurrect the Aggie football program from impending mediocrity.

After five years of believing in this false savior, I have fully renounced my vows, and will no longer accept this false idol. Our "Maroon Jesus", turned out to be "Maroon Mackovick", a trojan horse sent to destroy what was left of this once great football program with VIP newsletters, prevent defense, and worst of all, by destroying and wasting talent.

When he arrived, "the cupboard was bare". Now, five years later, and stocked with talented young players who also bought into his bogus "turnaround specialist" reputation, we still kneel to the North, facing Norman, and we still cower on the South Plains of the Texas Panhandle. We have even taken a backseat to a couple of basketball schools from the North, Mizzou and Kansas. 77-0 has become disguised to 42-14, and we have singlehandedly buoyed the goalpost industry with routine takedowns in Lubbock, and even one in Waco.

This is not what this imposter was hired to do, and I am formally advocating his IMMEDIATE dismissal. What's the point of waiting until T+2? The best this team can do this year, by winning the final two games, is 8-4. Unacceptable! That's a great season in Lubbock, but is not in any way tolerable at this point in College Station, especially for a man who was brought here to stop the descent to mediocrity, and deliver this program back to national elite status.

Goodbye Fran. Thanks for wasting 5 years of my football life.