Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

I love it!

I have nothing specific to post about, except that I am so happy that it's football season again. The Aggies have already had their non-con scare, and hopefully gotten it out of the way early. The coach has cemented our dedication to the "vertical running game". Some have called it "three yards and a cloud of dust", but it's basically "Jorvorskie straight up your ass---try and stop it".

Tech has already resumed their tradition of the "Red Carpet Defense", and demonstrated that they can still score fast enough, that it doesn't really matter if they fall severely behind by halftime. Michael Crabtree is the real deal, and will torture defensive backfields all season.

I don't know how the Aggies will do this year. I am predicting the following:

Non-conference: 4-0 (Montana St, Fresno, U-La-Mon, Miami)
Baylor: W
Okie State: W
Tech: W (yes, that's a win in Lubbock)
Nebraska: W in Lincoln
Kansas: W
Missouri: W
Texas: W

Yes, that's 11-1. I know it's bold, but what can I say? I believe in my boys this year.

Tech's season will be very predictable. Here's how I see it:

Non-conference: 4-0 (SMU, UTEP, Rice, Northwestern State)
Okie State: L
Iowa State: W
Texas A&M: L
Missouri: L
Colorado: W
Baylor: W
Texas: L

That's 7-5. Big surprise. They will win the Tangerine Bowl by 75 points to nail down that 8th win.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I couldn't resist

Tech having some spelling problems? (click image to enlarge)

Translation: "Athlethics" must mean "Athletics"

Translation: "Red Raidiers" must mean "Red Raiders"

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Brad's Aggie Predictions for the season

Why do I waste my time doing this every year? I have no idea, not even sure if anyone reads it but Joe...maybe Blake. That being said, here are my game by game predictions for A&M this year.

Game 1 is already in the books, but for the record, I had predicted it perfectly since back in July

Aggies 38 Montana St 7

Game 2: A&M lets Fresno State hang around for way to long and a late 3rd quarter TD even puts the Bulldogs ahead. Coach Fran finally unleashes McGee's arm in the 4th and the aggies regain the lead and then tack on a cosmetic touchdown in the waning minutes of the game. The score is not indicative of how close it really was

Aggies 30 Fresno St. 20

Game 3: Aggies come out firing on all cylinders and route ULA Monroe. Goodson has the game of his career with over 200 yards rushing and 3 TDs.

Aggies 48 ULA monroe 9

Game 4: Aggie roll into Miami with one of the top offenses in the nation...but this game goes back to the aggie bread and butter. Defense and ball control. McGee only completes 9 passes, but it works and the aggies are undefeated. A&M knocks Kirby Freeman out of the game on a brutal hit by Kellen Hurd (aggie fans secretly rejoice as this is payback for his brother transferring from Aggieland)

Aggies 16 Miami 12

Game 5: A&M plays its most complete game of the year. Goodson breaks off 2 TD runs. McGee throws two longballs to Martellus Bennett. Bennett proclaims himself the greatest TE ever to play the game in a postgame interview (even though these are his only TDs for the year thus far)

Aggies 51 Baylor 16

Game 6: The aggies have moved all the way to the top 10 and all is right in Aggieland...until Oki
State shows up. The aggies get caught looking towards Tech and Oki state makes em pay. The Franchione bashers come out of the woodwork claiming we are trying to use Goodson too much instead of Lane. Either way, it doesn't matter, Aggies lose a dumb game at home.

Aggies 22 Oki State 38

Game 7: The Oki state loss serves as a wake up call and A&M finally steps up in Lubbock. For the first time in years, this game is pretty easy for the aggies. Ball control and a steady diet of Jawvorskie Lane has all of the Fran bashers saying "why didn't we do this last week?"

Aggies 41 Tech 22

Game 8: Just like last year, the game aginst Nebraska comes down to the wire. The ESPN college gameday crew rolls into town and everyone is picking the aggies. Unfortunately, fumbles and special teams miscues are too much to overcome and the ags are their own worst enemy. Despite outplaying the huskers, the aggies lose the game.

Aggies 26 Nebraska 28

Game 9: Kansas is simple no match for an angry A&M team. A&M scores on the first 3 possessions ansd never looks back.

Aggies 44 Kansas 17

Game 10: A&M against OU has now become the battle to win the big twelve South (Texas is suffering though a disappointing season) and no one else is in contention. Goodson and Lane are simply spectular and the national media gravitates towards the "thunder and lightning" cliche. OU's vaunted defense struggles to tackle Lane and can't catch McGee. A&M wins and climbs back into the top 10.

Aggies 27 OU 21

Game 11: Chase Daniel and Stephen McGee seem to be playing for pride and trying to prove that their style is superior. Daniel enters the game as the odds on favorite to win Big 12 player of the year. McGee outplays him in a gutty effort drawing more comparisons to Bucky Richardson. The game goes into overtime...and McGee wins it on a pass to none other than Martellus Bennett. Bennett hasn't scored since game 5, but he still proclaims himself the greatest tight end ever to play the game in a postgame interview.

Aggies 41 Tigers 38

Game 12: The Big 12 South title is there for the taking if the agies can just take care of an underperforming Texas Team. The aggies don't disappoint...Texas has given up by this point.

Aggies 31 Horns 18

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Blog is back on top!

I decided to put the blog back on the front page, even if it's just temporary. The forum is still available at the very crude, temporary link on the navbar. Seriously, let me know what you think before I make any permanent changes.