Friday, December 12, 2008

San Diego State next BCS Buster?

Look for a big "turnaround" in the coming years at San Diego State, if this rumor pans out. It looks like turnaround specialist Dennis Franchione is considering a return to coaching, to reprise his successful attempts to turn around sagging football programs around the South. Franchione is recognized for having laid the groundwork for the current successful programs at Gary Patterson's TCU and Nick Saban's Alabama, as well as the soon to be resurgent program at Texas A&M under Head Coach Mike Sherman.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stay or Go?

I think he's staying.

Unlike Fraudchione, he's never been a money-whore. In fact, he just wants to be treated (compen$ated) fairly for his achievements.

Nothing wrong with that.

I think the reason it wasn't done before the season is that Tech just wanted to make sure before it set out to make Leach the highest-paid coach ever to wear scarlet and black. Nothing wrong with that either.

I know Leach is smart enough to know he's got it all set up in the HUB at this point, and that while other schools may very well throw more money at him, the reality is that it just wouldn't necessarily be the best move he could make. My feeling is that Leach puts more value on comfort and routine than the "take what you can/gimme what I deserve" ego trips that steer so many other coaches.

I would also venture to guess that the Fat Cats at other schools are more difficult to please than the ones at Tech. Obviously, with more money always comes more expectations, but he has already been through the ups/downs of "getting to know you" at Tech.

My degree in Rocket Science leads me to conclude that Leach would like to just keep on trucking with as little change as necessary.

(little change = moving up the Big XII pay ladder to #3).