Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Through The Bye Week - Stay Focused

Every year Tech drops one early on because of getting ahead of itself. Whether it's talk of dropping a 100 on some weakling of an opponent, or just getting a collective fat head by putting up a bunch of gaudy numbers in a bunch of preseason games, it happens year in, year out.

This team, so far, seems pretty focused on the big plan - tightening up here and there, and not screwing up the whole season's goal of winning the South by dropping an early conference game. We haven't really seen that much from the offense, which I think could be spun in a way that shows Leach is much more coy that perceived. What's the point in showing everything early on?

I like the fact that all of the talk (and rightfully so) is about Daniel and McCoy. We know what Harrell is capable of at this point. I also like that the defense is a talking positive talking point this season as well, as is the running game.

I don't think we've seen much of this team yet, and that excites me even more about October. Let's be serious though - this team should be no higher ranked than #15 right now. #7 is kind of ridiculous after seeing how the first 4 games have been won.

Those lofty projections/hype in 2005 didn't really bode to well with the reality of the season, and I don't really want to see a repeat.

Earn it, Raiders.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Aggies win!

Celebration after what may be the Aggies' last win of the season.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Am I getting ahead of myself here?

A&M announced their 2009 schedule today. Maybe they are trying to get people focused on the future??

Anyway, RoosterBowl XII will be played in Lubbock on October 24, 2009.


Sept. 5 NEW MEXICO Kyle Field

Sept. 19 UTAH STATE Kyle Field

Sept. 26 UAB Kyle Field

Oct. 3 vs. Arkansas (Cowboys Stadium) Arlington, TX

Oct. 10 OKLAHOMA STATE Kyle Field

Oct. 17 at Kansas State Manhattan, KS

Oct. 24 at Texas Tech Lubbock, TX

Oct. 31 IOWA STATE Kyle Field

Nov. 7 at Colorado Boulder, CO

Nov. 14 at Oklahoma Norman, OK

Nov. 21 BAYLOR Kyle Field

Nov. 26 TEXAS (ESPN) Kyle Field

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Strained right/throwing shoulder

That's the injury status for Stephen McGee, AND for Jerrod Johnson this week. Ryan Tannehill, the third string quarterback is taking snaps, just in case. Tannehill has been playing receiver, but was out last week with an ankle sprain. This is getting comical. I'm still sure McGee and/or Johnson will play.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Who knows what the hell will happen this Saturday afternoon? I am hearing that Stephen McGee's status is "uncertain". That's the same thing we heard about Reggie McNeal when they wanted to get McGee a start against Texas in 2005.

Miami is not a good team, and neither is Texas A&M, so this should be an interesting game. I hope to see the continued "blossoming" of freshman receiver Jeff Fuller, and really think we should see some kind of improvement from the O-line....they certainly can't get any worse. If Tannehill (3rd string QB/starting receiver) is healthy, then we actually have a good pair of receivers. If Tannehill is still out with the ankle, and McGee doesn't play, then the backup QB is Tommy Dorman, another fish. How quickly you can go from deep/experienced at QB to very thin.

Is Tech playing AT Lubbock Christian, or is that a home game?.....oh, wait, it's UMASS. Do they have a football team or do they just put pads on the basketball guys?

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Few Leach Quotes:

When asked how the players liked pacticing in the downpour on Thursday:

“How’d they like it?” Leach said afterward. “I think initially they were somewhat apprehensive. I got tired of looking at that, so I had everybody (lie down and) roll three times one direction and three times the other, just so we got acclimated.”

On how the rain affected the practice:

“It was hard for skill guys to handle the football,” Leach acknowledged. “This wasn’t just rain; this was kind of a different level. The linemen, I think, had a lot of fun. Anybody that hit somebody else had a lot of fun.”

When asked if he had initially considered cancelling prcartice:

“No,” Leach said. “How many times do you get to do this? Just to reinforce that (idea), as you go down University (Avenue), there’s college students in bathing suits doing all kinds of stuff. You’ve got like floaty toys and whatnot.”

Jones underwater?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Reno Wrap-Up

Not really much more to say about the place - it's a smoker's wet dream, and I still smell like a dirty ashtray that's been on tour with Molly Hatchett. Seriously, my whole suitcase stinks.

The game was telling in a few ways. Tech had to find a way to win when the offense decided to not show up. Special teams helped, and the defense stepped up as well. Penalties are still killing the Red Raiders, but that's really nothing new.

What I took from this one (excluding the $6 beer that was sold in the stadium), is that Tech is a good team that found a way to win one on the road when all facets weren't clicking. A Tech team from recent history probably would not have won this one.

Hopefully a couple more home tune-ups will get this team ready to prove its worth, because right now, in my opinion, the Red Raiders are not a #12 team. In fact, they're not even top 15 - more like #20.

Ags get a win!

Should I be excited about a win over New Mexico? The fact is, that I am. Sad as it may be, getting the first win of the new era behind us was important. We do not have a good team. Don't let anyone tell you we lack talent...we have plenty of it. Our offensive line is just that, OFFENSIVE. It's no shock McGee took a beating in the 1st quarter and left with a shoulder injury. Johnson filled in just fine. Not great numbers (except the 3 TD's), but did fine for a guy who had been taking no snaps at QB in practice, and had been playing receiver. Looks like McGee will be ready for the Miami game, with the bye week to recuperate. I'm honestly not sure that's what I want. I think in the overall scheme of things, I'd rather Jerrod get the game experience. I love McGee, but I am just thinking of the future.

Highlights: Michael Bennett on d-line; Jordan Peterson at safety; Jeff Fuller at receiver; Goodson knee not serious.

Question marks: offensive line; linebacker

Saturday, September 06, 2008