Sunday, August 27, 2006

My expectation for the Ags in September

I just secured my tickets to the A&M opener, and I am bringing my daughter to her very first Aggie game (in fact, it's her very first football game). She has been to Kyle Field before, for Spring practice in 2004, but never to a game. Hopefully, this weekend will mark the beginning of her rehabilatation from her seemingly burnt orange leanings, but I'm not counting on it (fifth graders are very prone to band-wagonning).

The opener on Saturday night versus the Citadel kicks off the softest A&M non-conference schedule I can remember, as they will follow with U-La-La, Army, and La-Tech.....all are basically home games (Army at the Alamodome). Now, I was amongst the Aggies who brutalized Tech fans for their pitiful non-conference schedule last year. Even Norm Hitzges piled on, verbally assaulting Tech for their lineup of Florida International (newly D1-A), Sam Houston State (D1-AA), and Indiana State (D1-AA).

The thing is, looking back at that schedule, and Tech's 2005 season, you really can't pick on them much anymore. Tech fans claimed that non-conference schedule was a "warm-up", or a "preseason", and Tech effectively used it as such. The Red Raiders' average margin of victory in those games was 56 points. It wasn't skewed by one big game either. They won by 53, 59, and 56 points respectively, then went on to finish the season with losses only to Oklahoma State, Alabama, and national champion Texas.

So, in my opinion, if A&M is to effectively utilize their weak-ass non-con games as a "warm up", they had better be showing us a dominating performance every week. I don't expect a margin of victory of 56 every week, as part of that was achieved by Mike Leach pouring it on those beaten teams down to the final minute, but I will say that we should win each of these four games by more than 30 points, and should hold each opponent to less than 14 points.

Nothing less than total domination of all four non-con games will leave me feeling confident moving forward into the conference schedule, which begins with the beloved Rooster back on the line on 9/30.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Home Unis

Not bad, I guess.

Tech will once again be wearing red on red at home, and somewhat surprising to me, will go old school and wear classic white on white this season while on the road.

While I'm still not sold on the red on red look, it could be worse - maroon on maroon, anyone....?

First time in a while Tech has had jerseys with sewn on lettering and numerals.

more problems on Tech football team

In the tradition of Cap't Bake's obsession with reporting on jurisprudence, here is a link to yet another suspension from the Texas Tech football team.

This most recent incident involves sophomore defensive end Jared Williams. An embarrassed Mike Leach would not elaborate, except to say that Williams was suspended for violating team rules.

Here are the others, which were reported right here on

Tech DB stabbed in Nightclub Brawl Texas Tech football player Anthony Hines was stabbed during a fight at a Lubbock nightclub early Saturday morning. Leach confirmed that other players were involved, including freshman linebacker Dewayne Baziel from Galveston. Has this now been formally swept under the field turf, or will Leach take action against these hoodlums?

Tech Receiver Dismissed From TeamSophomore receiver Catron Houston was dismissed from the football team for an unspecified violation of team rules.

Are these just minor incidents, or a signal of deeper problems with the types of people Leach will accept as recruits?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Roosterbowl in Dallas???

Tech weighs dollars, sense of moving A&M football game to Dallas (requires registration)

Oh, what will we do if they move the Roosterbowl to Dallas? Will it be at the Cotton Bowl? (that's what this article implies) ...or at the new Cowboy's stadium in Arlington? Somehow, setting up an RV and tailgating in Arlington just doesn't have much of a sexy feel to it. Fair park would be a little better, but may make the game a punchline to OU and whorn fans, since they will have likely just dumped the Cotton Bowl to move their game to Arlington. I'm not sure I want to spend the night in Fair Park either.

On a positive note, a neutral site would certainly elevate the status of this contest, and bring more of a national spotlight to the Rooster. I know He would like that, and it would serve His interests well. The Cotton Bowl is a familiar place for Aggie fans, which might lend advantage to the Ags. Tech has only played there twice, but we could send them a map.

Roosterbowl at the Cotton Bowl would move us to a downtown hotel...maybe the Magnolia, which wouldn't be too bad. We could set up a tailgate party just for gameday, and wouldn't lose too much of the "feel" of Rooster weekend.

I have always thought this was just a pipe dream for Tech, to have this game moved to Dallas, and give them much needed $ for the athletic department. It seems more real with comments like this from Gerald Meyers: "The earliest this could happen would be the fall of '07, next year," Myers said. "As I sit here today, it's not a done deal. We don't have anything signed. Once we agree to move the game or not move the game, that's when we'll start making those decisions."

As for me, I am very torn over this issue. Ultimately, I want what is best for Texas A&M, and for The Rooster.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Teddy K getting handsy with the waitress

TK loves the Twin Peaks girls!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Aggie predictions

Well, it's 25 days until kickoff of the 2006 Aggie football season, and I guess it's time to make my predictions for the season. I will start off by acknowledging the incredibly weak-ass non-con lineup for A&M. I gave Tech fans hell last year about their pitiful schedule last year, and pitiful is pitiful.....A&M's non-conference schedule is completely embarrassing.

Many of you will be surprised by the incredible objectivity in my picks this year. Don't think I have removed my maroon colored glasses...I haven't. I just see a lot of debris in the road ahead, and in the end, it may be littered with the body parts of our former Longhorn DC, and the man I will henceforth refer to as "Maroon Mackovick", or MM for short. I hope I am dreadfully wrong.

The offense will be fantastic. Under the leadership of Stephen McGee, the return of Riley, Taylor, and Schroeder at receiver, Bennett at TE, a great power running game, and experienced O-line, the Aggie offense will be one of the best in the country.

The defense is still highly suspect. The first red flag is the orange DC who constructed a pitiful longhorn defense in the '90s. What in the hell is a 4-2-5? They say it will be a great style to run against the aerial offenses like Tech, but isn't that pretty much what we ran against Tech last year in Lubbock? I would guess we had 5 DB's on every play in that debacle on the South Plains. Regardless, I think Adrian Peterson, along with lesser tailbacks in the Big 12, will have a heyday with a 4-2-5 defense. Once again, I hope I am wrong.

Hopefully, personnel will play a big role in improving the Aggie defense. We still have Red Bryant, Jason Jack, Chris Harrington, and Michael Bennett up front. Those guys will all be better this year. Unfortunately, we lost a top RS lineman, Will Morrissey, to "personal issues". With a name like Morrissey, you would expect some personal issues I guess.

Should be strong at LB with Justin Warren and the juco tx Mark Dodge (seems really weird to have only 2 linebackers at what was once "linebacker U"). DB's will be Devin Gregg, Kay Carpenter, Danny Gorrer, Melvin Bullitt, among a host of other spares. For those of you that don't remember, Melvin Bullitt was the guy who performed a huge, on-field celebration, taunting the OU offense after stopping them from scoring their TWELVTH touchdown of the day in 2003. Hopefully, he will have some more "legit" celebrations in 2006 (like he did on this INT of Vince Young last year).

My actual, game by game predictions are coming. I need to go make a pitcher of maroon kool-aid and Stoli first.

Monday, August 07, 2006

TexAgs had this story in January

the OU/Bomar scandal was broken on TexAgs in January! story
Actual TexAgs post

and now, Bud Light salutes the man who broke the story:

Bud Light presents, Real Men of Genius

Real men of Geniiuus

Today we salute you, Mr. OU Football Car Dealership Scandal Internet Whistleblower Guy

Mr. OU Football Car Dealership Scandal Internet Whistleblower Guy

Other internet posters make outrageous claims with absolutely no evidence. But you? You make outrageous claims with absolutely no evidence that are really true.

Cause you know stuff

You don't need to get your info from your best friend's cousin's sister's, nephew, that cleans the Fish Pond. You go straight to the source and bang the woman on the inside.

Tap that a$$

Sure there are those that thought you were full of crap, and ridiculed you. But now? Now they worship the very ground you walk on.

Eat crow b*tches

So Crack open a nice cold Bud Light, oh purveyor of truth and justice. Because all that whistleblowing must've made you mighty thirsty.

Mr. OU Football Car Dealership Scandal Internet Whistleblower Guy

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

ready to revise those Big 12 predictions??

OU Dismisses Bomar from team because he allegedly "violated NCAA rules by working at a private business and taking "payment over an extended period of time in excess of time actually worked."

Brings back memories of Greg Hill.