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our first major improvement!

Check this out and let me know what you think. It is live and fully operational. Just register and start posting!

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server problems

Sorry for the site being down the past couple of weeks. Our webhosting service had been provided by a friend of mine from A&M at no charge (thanks Jim), but the server was not reliable and would could not handle our occasional surges in bandwidth.

I have switched to a paid hosting service, which should be much more reliable, and may offer some additional features, which will enhance the site. While the site is migrating to the new server, I have put a forwarding feature on the domain, so that you will automatically be directed to the blog server. Once it's all fixed, you will automatically see the entire site when visiting

Thanks for being patient, and don't give up on us.

Gig 'em and Wreck 'em!


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Robert Gates

December 7, 2006

To the Aggie Family:

The United States Senate yesterday voted to confirm me as the 22nd Secretary of Defense. I will be sworn in and take office on December 18th, and will resign as the 22nd President of Texas A&M that same day.

And so it is final. My last official act as President will be to preside at the commencement ceremonies on December 15-16.

You already know that I am leaving this incredible University reluctantly and with a heavy heart. By the same token, Aggies - more than anyone else - understand why I must do so.

Our University is in good hands and on an upward course. All the major initiatives - expanding the faculty, new undergraduate degree programs, greater diversity, more than half a billion dollars in new construction - 90% of it for academic facilities, and unprecedented involvement of faculty, staff and students in decision-making - are on track, taking us to new heights of academic excellence. It is now also evident that our athletic program is on track to reach a new level of national competitiveness.

As the end of my service as President draws near, please know that: for the rest of my life I will always be an Aggie. Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, as long as I live I will bleed Maroon.

A final request to all in the Texas A&M family. Never forget who we are and where we came from. Never forget the Aggie Code of Honor. And never forget the obligations of duty and honor and country.

God bless all of you, God bless Texas A&M, and God bless America.

Gig 'em Aggies.

Until we meet again.

Robert M. Gates
Texas A&M University

Friday, November 24, 2006

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

Prediction Virgin weighs in!

Hang in there Turkeys, this gets good!

Let's start with the weekend:

OSU at Texas Tech

Graham Harrell and the boys need to play like they mean it. They cannot assume a home-field advantage. The OSU cowboys have put up some huge numbers this season, and they can put a boot in our ass right here at home. I hope Coach Leach has led this team and can end the regular season with a proud showing. Sure, we sell bowl seats, but let's not make it the toilet bowl. I predict a low scoring game with a very tense fourth quarter- Texas Tech 21-OSU 20

Texas A&M at Texas

Nobody wants to see an Aggie victory here more than Fletch, the Longhorn Hater! The Ags have played hard and brought up some tough battles this season. The Horns will come in cocky, all jacked up by ESPN comments and polls and lines. And the Aggies will kick their ever-lovin asses just to give Fletchy something extra special to be thankful for! Dontcha make me hurl my turkey! A&M 52-Texas 42

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Friday, November 10, 2006

per Melba's request........predictions:

Sold out Kyle Field in 1930

Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading this stuff. Last night, I almost put up the crickets again. Thanks for tuning in Melba.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma
Face it Faders, Taurean was NOT in last year, and the Sooners are still pissed. Besides that, OU's defense is way to fast for Tech to execute. Harrell will implode, and the OU running game will make Tech's defense look like the Red Sea.
OU 38 Tech 14

Texas @ K-State
No upset here. Horns continue to roll. (they will come crashing down on T+1)
Horns 51 Wildkittens 13

Tennessee @ Arkansas
Nutt's decision to go with Dick will pay off. Arkansas continues miracle season.
Razorbacks 21 Vols 17

Oregon @ USC
who cares

Nebraska @ Texas A&M
Will Franchione finally win a big game? YES. Aggies will pour it on, in their first two touchdown win this season. Goodson explodes....McGee goes deep, and J-Train makes them bleed in the red zone. Defense continues to hold.
Fightin' Texas Aggies 33 Cornholers 19

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Friday, November 03, 2006

Predictions for Week 10

Corso picks A&M in 2000

Corso picks OU in 2006

WHOOP! Let's just get to the big game first this time:

OU @ Texas A&M
The Sooners already struggle against the Ags at Kyle. That was when OU was #1 and A&M was struggling. This year, the resurgent Aggies will manhandle the weakened Sooners under the lights of Kyle Field. This is the game where the shackles will come off the Aggie offense, and the defense will step to the next level.
Aggies 31 Sooners 13

Okie State @ Texas
The Cowboys always give the Longhorns the first half. This week Bobby Reid and company will show that closing out the Huskers last week was no fluke.
Okie State 38 Texas 30

Baylor @ Texas Tech
Classic Run-n-Shoot matchup should be a doozy. Both teams need this win to gain bowl eligibility, but in the end, with Baylor QB Shawn Bell sidelined, the Red Raiders have more firepower. Besides, I don't think the pesky Bears have ever won in Lubbock.
Tech 61 Baylor 49

Sunday, October 29, 2006

2006 Texas A&M-Baylor football game highlights from

Video highlights for the 2006 Baylor game from Texas A&M won the game 31-21 in Waco.

Couldn't resist posting this, since we weren't on TV, and even though this looks like it was taken with Blake's camcorder from his trip to Europe in '98. Check out the Goodson run at the he's fast!!!

Week 9 wrap up

Red Faders 5-4 (2-3)
Well, I have to admit, I was feeling pretty smart when Tech jumped out to that 21-0 lead. I was even ready to change the Rick Perry audio to a vintage Mack Brown apology. Graham Harrell had the best statistical game of his career (42-62-1-519), but could only turn it into 3 TD's. How did that happen? The Faders just couldn't keep it rolling for 4 quarters. Pretty typical run-n-shoot stuff: huge passing numbers, negative rushing yards, and bad defense. Colt McCoy led a very balanced attack for the comeback. Hard to stop those guys. Interesting: Both teams ran 75 plays. Tech got just over 500 yards...UT just under 500.

Unfortunately, everything about this game was vintage Tech.

Fightin' Texas Aggies 8-1 (4-1)
The Aggie youngsters are starting to grow up. We have seen continued improvement from McGee every week, and this week was no differrent. He very well may be the best all around QB in the Big 12. We've been waiting for soph Martellus Bennett to have a breakout game at TE, and this was it, with 5 catches for 133 yards at 2 TD's, including a 75 yarder in the 1st half. We've also been waiting to witness that breakaway speed from true freshman Mike Goodson. He showed us with 96 yards on 8 carries, including a 64 yard TD to ice the game. Look for both of these guys to continue to serve up huge contributions in November.

As for my other predictions, I was way off on the OU/Mizzou game. OU may be done without Peterson and Bomar, but someone better let them know. This should be a great matchup at Kyle on Saturday. Florida/Georgia was much closer than I imagined, but the Gators got the W. I also fell short of an actual prediction, but was right on with the Okie State upset of Nebraska.

All in all, after watching the Big 12 games this weekend, I am feeling like the Aggies will have a chance to win each of our remaining three games in November. At this point, I really think A&M should go 2-1 in November.

Friday, October 27, 2006

brilliant Leach quote about t.u.

"Some people, when a certain team has a big year, they'll buy a jersey," he said. "OK, did you go there? No. Are you from Austin? No. Did you work there? No. Do you know anybody who worked there? No. Well, nice shirt, you know?"

make Mouse Davis proud!

For my weekend forecast, I will start with the biggest game of the week:

Texas @ Texas Tech
The Red Raiders have a history of playing a spoiler role since they left the Border conference in the 1940's. Leach made them feel like contenders last year with a 9-3 record, but now they are safely back on mother Earth, and right back into their comfort zone as "spoiler". With all the pressure off, the night game in Lubbock will give us a huge upset victory by the Red Raiders over the Longhorns. Tech will capitalize on some key turnovers by Colt McCoy, and Tech's offense will hum for a 41-35 win.

Texas A&M @ Baylor
This the 94th meeting between A&M and Baylor. Only the series against the Longhorns (107) is longer. The "Battle of the Brazos" looms large, after splitting overtime contests in 2004 and 2005. Are the Aggies for real, or have they settled into the middle of the pack in the Big 12? The suspense won't end until November, but this game will be a ROUT by the Aggies. Baylor can NOT stop the A&M offense, and the defense will force turnovers for more scores. It won't be a redux of 2003's 73-10 pasting of the bears, but look for the Ags to hang half a hundred on this overconfident collection of mouthy Baptist Bears. 53-19 (after a cosmetic Baylor TD in garbage time).

Florida vs Georgia
I must make this trip one of these days. If it's called the "World's largest outdoor cocktail party", I want to go. Look for a Tim Tebow highlight reel in this one. Leak is off the Heisman short list after the Auburn debacle, so Tebow sees plenty of playing time in this Gator shellacking of the Bullgogs. Gators win 42-10.

Missouri @ Oklahoma
Tough one to call. I will go with Mizzou in a close, low-scoring game: 21-20

Also, look for Okie Lite to upset Nebraska. The Cowboys are due for a win.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Guns up!!!

This week, I am a Tech fan. Gig 'em Raiders.....Beat the Hell Outta t.u.!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

doing my weekend predictions a little early this week.....

Texas @ Nebraska
the Cornhuskers are exposed for the weak team they really are. Horns dominate: Texas 41 Nebraska 21

Texas Tech @ Iowa State
Leach's ship is taking on water, and there's still a man overboard, but the Red Raiders will stay afloat this week in Ames. Tech 27 ISU 17

Texas A&M @ Okie Lite
Aggie defense continues improvement, and the Aggies will avoid a trap in Stillwater. A&M 31 Oklahoma State 24

Saturday, October 14, 2006

a few funny things from the SA paper...

...that I just couldn't resist posting:

1)Tech quarterback Graham Harrell reacted angrily after Tech fans booed him during a turnover binge last week against Missouri. But Coach Mike Leach had a jab for Tech fans when asked about it after the game.

“If anything, it’s comforting to me that we’re in the presence of a few people that are so superior at what they do that maybe some of it will rub off on me and Graham,” Leach told reporters earlier this week.

2)A&M’s gaudy No. 13 ranking in rushing belies a couple of facts. The Aggies have padded those stats against weak opponents in its first six games, including Division I-AA foe The Citadel, Army (102nd in rushing defense), Louisiana Tech (117th in rushing defense) and Texas Tech (72nd). And in two of three situations when they really needed a crucial first down running the ball this season – against Tech on the final drive and against Army on fourth down late in the fourth quarter – the Aggies’ running game bogged down. We’ll see how good the A&M running game really is on Saturday when it faces Missouri, ranked 10th nationally in rush defense.

(I found it interesting that they mentioned Texas Tech as an example of one of A&M's "weak opponents"....what the hell?, and that they failed to mention Missouri's equally padded stats in rushing defense.)

3)There was an interesting letter to the editor in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal earlier this week from Kyle Rowland, father of third-string QB Ryan Rowland.

Rowland implored Tech coaches to give his son a shot at playing time.

Ryan Rowland is best known for an altercation earlier this summer in training camp with second-string QB Chris Todd. Rowland suffered a broken nose in the exchange.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Joe's picks for 10/14

Florida @ Auburn
Auburn is good, and I have a hard time predicting them to lose two weeks in a row, but the SEC buzzsaw will chew them up this week at home. The Florida Gators will continue to roll towards their national title, with this year's Heisman winner leading the way. Chris Leak and Tim Tebow will combine to trounce Auburn.
Gators 42 Auburn 20

Baylor @ UT
Baylor has gotten better, and UT is not the team they were last year, but this game will be a total joke. Jevan Snead will come in for mop up duty in the second quarter.
Horns 65 Bears 3.

Texas Tech @ Colorado
Big time trap game for Tech. 1) they got shellacked at home last week by Mizzou, 2) Graham Harrell is still reeling from being booed by his own fans, 3) CU is winless, and the prima donna pretty boys that haven't been suspended for disciplinary reasons will still think the Buffs are a pushover, 4) CU is not going 0-12, and they will surprise someone with a win in Boulder, and 5) Leach has already used up all of his clever motivational insults for the season. These guys are DONE.
Buffs 35 Faders 24

Mizzou @ Texas A&M
This will be a dogfight for sure. The Aggies will punish the Tiger defense up the gut, and go vertical when they need to. The Aggie defense will continue their week by week improvement to secure the win.
Aggies 31 Tigers 28

Two tech starters out vs. CU

By TIM MacMAHON / The Dallas Morning News

Two Texas Tech senior starters will not make the trip to Colorado.

Receiver Robert Johnson (disciplinary reasons) and linebacker Fletcher Session (personal issues) will miss Saturday's game against the Buffaloes, athletic department spokesman Chris Cook said.

Johnson leads the Big 12 with 46 receptions and is tied with teammate Joel Filani for the conference lead with six touchdown catches. Johnson, who briefly left the program after being moved from quarterback in 2004, was benched at the beginning of Tech's Sept. 23 rout of Southeastern Louisiana. That came on the heels of coach Mike Leach's rant about "prima donna pretty boys" and "front-runner showboats."

Session has 24 tackles, including two for loss. He has been nagged by a shoulder injury and did not play against Southeastern Louisiana.

Leach did not immediately return a phone call.

Monday, October 09, 2006

and the Big 12 offensive player of the week is.......

Stephen McGee, So, QB, Texas A&M (Burnet, Texas)

In Texas A&M's come-from-behind, 21-18, win at Kansas, quarterback Stephen McGee engineered a pair of 80-yard, fourth-quarter scoring drives for the Aggies. He led A&M on a 12-play drive in the closing minutes by converting three third down passes including a 35-yard strike to set up the game winning touchdown with 0:34 left. McGee completed 25-of-40 attempts, with no interceptions, for 240 yards.

(yes, I am aware that this honor was awarded to Graham Harrell after his heroics in RoosterBowl IX)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Joe's weekend forecast........

Aggies will bounce back with a decisive victory over the Jayhawks. Look for a big day passing by Stephen McGee, as KU's DB's are weak, and Koenning wants to quiet critics saying we can't throw. Also, Mike Goodson has his first 100 yard rushing game at A&M.
A&M 38 Kansas 17

Missouri @ Tceh
This will be the best game of the day. The Tigers are for real, and are too much for Tech at Jones T&A. Harrell goes from hero at Kyle to goat at home with 3 picks.
Missouri 31 Tceh 24

I have no idea who will win this game and really don't care. Actually, that's not true. I have interest in the game, and will watch it, and if I have to pick a winner, I'd probably go with OU. The talent on these teams is close, so I give the coaching edge to Stoops.
OU 24 Texas 14


Another big Football weekend...another big opportunity for Terry to take money from his bookie. I know...I guys think it is uncool for me to take money from Meyer. Hey, they guy moved to California to opening up a sports investment operation (aka bookie). I am just trying to help him generate some cash flow. It isn't my fault if I keep winning. But anyway, here are the predictions. Games are listed in order of importance...

Florida in a close one over LSU, but they cover the 2 point spread and Chris Leak continues his March Towards the Heisman (another one of T-rays predictions from back in August)

Georgia Steamrolls Tennessee and continues their march towards a national title (another one of T-ray's predictions from back in August)

OU mauls Texas and continues their march towards big 12 south champs (another one of T-ray predictions from back in August). BabyColt has his worst game of the year and some critics call for Snead at QB...starting yet another QB cluster in Austin. Texas fans turn on Mack Brown saying "he can't win the big 1 without Vince".

Cal beats Oregon...covers the 5 point spread.

Missouri beats Tech and continues their roll towards big 12 north champs (another one of T-ray's predictions from back in August). Mike Leach's "high-flying pirate offense" musters less than 20 points. Jorgy privately admits to his father than people have figured out how to stop the run-n-shoot offense. He continues to support Leach publically.

Lock of the Week: Double up on Texas A&M to rip Kansas apart and easily cover the spread. Mcgee puts up 4 total tds and 300 total yards. a&m fans publically question "why did fran shackle this guy against tech?"

any predictions from you clowns?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Coach Fran

After the 2005 season, Brad stated he would like to see Coach Franchione follow the example of Bobby Knight, and give his salary back, since he did not earn it. It appears that he has quietly given at least half of it back. Hard to tell how much, as it falls in a bracket of $1,000,000 - $1,999,999. Even assuming he only donated a cool million, that's half his salary. That do anything for ya, T-ray?


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Meet Baby Cole!

Hello Rooster Fans! Just wanted to call a time out in the post-game trashing to introduce Cole Alexander! He got here 9/26/06, 6lb 12oz (I won't tell you what part of Blake's anatomy he claims allegedly weighs the same) and he's one very cool cat.

Hope to have him decked out in Red and Black soon and start teaching him all about Big 12 Football!

RoosterBowl IX pictures are up!

I hoped to have more from other attendees to post (Melba!!), but I just went with what I had. Some pretty good ones to be sure.....another great year.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Coach Fraud's Excuse For Losing To Tech

Coach: A&M QB McGee played with concussion - slight injury may have factored into A&M's 31-27 defeat, Franchione says.

By Randy RiggsAMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFFTuesday, October 03, 2006

Texas Tech's Big 12-leading pass defense wasn't all that bedeviled Texas A&M quarterback Stephen McGee on Saturday, Dennis Franchione said Monday.

The Aggies coach said McGee played the last three quarters of A&M's 31-27 loss at Kyle Field with "a little bit of a slight concussion." Franchione said he believes McGee will be cleared to play Saturday when the Aggies visit Kansas.

Franchione said the play in which McGee "got a little dinged" came early in the second quarter, when he was flung down on a run and hit his head on the turf. Franchione said nobody on the Aggies sideline was aware of the situation until after the game.

"We really didn't know as a staff, or trainers — I'm not even sure Stephen was completely aware of it — until he was telling us (after the game) about how he felt in the first half," Franchione said.

McGee, a sophomore from Burnet, completed just 9 of 20 passes for 109 yards against the Red Raiders. Forty-four of those yards came on a pass to Westlake's Chad Schroeder on the game's final play.; 445-3957

It's always darkest before the dawn...

Many passionate aggie fans are frustrated this week. I have already heard commentary ranging from "What went wrong?" to "We stink" and "Fire Fran". I share that frustration, and understand how those fans are feeling, but I want to offer some "Positivity" as well.

First of all, losing to Tech in our own place is horrible. But before we hang coach Fran, can we at least consider what we would have said had Harrell not hit that deep ball. We would be applauding Fran's methodical ball control offense, and how they kept the ball out of tech's hands for most of the second half and shut them out.

Sure, we can second guess all day long, but Fran should not be judged solely on the outcome of that game. The real coaching test will be how the team responds in the October and November. It starts this week with going to Kansas and winning, and then following up with a with over Mizzou. If we do that, we're back on track. There is nothing wrong with 6-1.

Fran has been here over 3 years, and the results have been sub-optimal, but let's be honest. We have not had a lot of talent on this team...only 4 players that have played for Fran at A&M are now in the NFL.

Why was the talent at A&M so weak you ask? Well, I attribute that to 3 things (and it started way back in the late 90s).

1) Mack's Brown is a great recruiter and he completely dominated Slocum for over 4 years.

2) Bob Davie left A&M in 1997 for Notre Dame, and he was a great defensive recruiter. Again, this weakened our ability to monopolize the great defensive talent.

3) In the early 2000s, Bob Stoops got into the act and further stepped up the competition as well.

The result, we just haven't had the talent we used to. I would hope that Coach Fran is in the process of turning that least on the recruiting front. Let's see how this year progresses and make a
call now that he has his guys in place.

I am not issuing him a hall pass, but I do not think the guy is a bad coach.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Joe's recap

I had planned to roll this picture out at the end of the game, to console the Red Raider fans on their loss....................I guess someone must have showed it to them 26 seconds too early. Congrats on a big win Tech fans.

What a great weekend. Another RoosterBowl success, even though I am still stunned! It seems like more often than not, a big play decides this game.

With the usual crew of Blake, Teddy K, myself, Brad, Melba, and Jeff, Robert O'Neal, and Scott Hill, we had a newcomer to the RoosterBowl scene: Jay Stark broke his Roostercherry with a cross-country trip from Seattle (home of the fake 12th man).

Noticably absent were Fletch and her husband Jeff. Fletch gave birth to a "future quarterback" on Tuesday morning, and the doctor wouldn't let her attend. She was there in spirit, and therefore, the MVC award went to Fletch and her new baby boy. Congratulations to our second female winner of this award. Thanks for your commitment to continuously strive to display the spirit of the Rooster. Prior MVC winners are: 2001-Richard "Stretch" James (REVOKED), 2002-Ronnie "Pommelrod" Pomeroy, 2003-Melissa "Melba" Moore, 2004-Kyler Schuman, and 2005-Ted Kennedy.

I we got some pretty good pictures, which I will be posting later in the week. If anyone has pics to contribute, send them to me by email now. It is easier for me to upload them all at once.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Friday, September 29, 2006

We're heere!

All set up and the hot tub is hot.

just a reminder

We will be arriving in College Station today around 2 pm, and will set up shop in the Olsen Field RV lot, space 12.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Today's ASS Article on the Rivalry

By Randy RiggsAMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFFThursday, September 28, 2006

COLLEGE STATION — Dennis Franchione's memories of his 3 1/2 football seasons at Texas A&M aren't all of the warm-and-fuzzy variety. But one that falls in that category occurred the last time Texas Tech visited Kyle Field. It wasn't simply because the Aggies pulled out a 32-25 overtime decision in 2004.

"I'll never forget the noise, the fans, the 12th Man, the crowd," A&M's coach said. "It was just unbelievable, maybe the best since I've been here. That one has stuck in my mind."
Well, after all, it was A&M vs. Tech — perhaps the best rivalry in college football that nobody's ever heard of outside the fans of those two schools.

You can have your Texas-OU or Ohio State-Michigan or Florida-Georgia. For pure entertainment value, none can match the thrills and chills provided by the Red Raiders and Aggies since the late 1980s.

The 65th renewal of the intrastate battle unfolds Saturday at Kyle Field with A&M holding a 34-29-1 edge. But Tech has won eight of the last 11 games in a series that is growing as rancorous as its outcomes are suspenseful.

"We both have some animosity towards each other," A&M defensive end Chris Harrington said. "It's a good, healthy rivalry."

Since the 1989 season, 11 of the 17 games have been decided by a touchdown or less. Seven of those 11 have been determined by four points or less. The last two games in College Station have gone to overtime, with each team winning once.

Some Aggies are loath to refer to Tech as a rival, preferring to save that special designation for those burnt-orange bullies in Austin — "I think they (the Red Raiders) look at us as maybe their rival, whereas we look at Texas as our rival," Harrington said.

Nevertheless, Harrington also noted that with the anticipation of Tech's visit, "Aggieland is crazy. It's getting back to where we need to get it. I haven't felt this much excitement since . . . well, I don't know if I ever felt it last season."

There's even been blood spilled — bad blood. After Tech's 12-0 victory in Lubbock in 2001, Raider fans tore down the goalposts and tried to carry one upright through the A&M section at Jones Stadium. A confrontation led to the bloodied face of Mike McKinney, the father of A&M player Seth McKinney and then the chief of staff for Gov. Rick Perry, a former Aggie yell leader.
Even after it was revealed McKinney was hit by an A&M student, Aggie fans raised such a ruckus about Tech inhospitality that Raiders coach Mike Leach finally fired back about the Aggies' "whining."

"It's interesting to me that all these Aggies . . . sit around with these halos over their head with some divine expertise on fanmanship," Leach said. "I just don't believe that's the case."

Leach also did little to endear himself to Aggiedom last year when the Raiders rolled up 627 yards of offense in a 56-17 victory, the most lopsided margin in the series. But what really gigged the Aggies was a Leach comment in a lengthy profile of him that ran later in The New York Times Magazine.

The story detailed Leach staring at the A&M Corps of Cadets in the stands before the game and asking, "How come they get to pretend they are soldiers? The thing is, they aren't really in the military."

A&M inadvertently added some spice to the rivalry in 2002 when its football media guide ran a blurb from "The 12th Man Magazine" that described some Tech students as "classless clowns" and referred to Lubbock as "the barren stretch of dirt some West Texans call a city."
An apology and a reprint of the media guide quickly followed.

Leading into Saturday's game, the rhetoric has been toned down, and both sides are making nice. But A&M tight end Martellus Bennett doesn't want things to be too nice for the Raiders on Saturday at Kyle Field, considering what he says the Aggies have to endure when they visit Jones Stadium.

"At Tech they throw batteries at you," Bennett said. "They treat other schools so bad when you go to their place. Imagine (a battery) coming down from the top of the stadium with gravity times velocity times speed. By the time it hits you, that hurts pretty bad."

Bennett isn't advocating similar treatment by Aggie fans, but he does wish they'd give the Raiders some verbal abuse.

"Sometimes I think our fans are too nice," he said. "I love our fans, but I want them to yell at the other team like what we hear when we go to other schools."

Kyle Field seems plenty loud to Tech senior nose tackle Chris Hudler, who described it as "a hostile environment."

"You have 80,000 fans screaming and booing at you," Hudler said. "I like playing in places like that because it gives me more incentive."

Both coaches are downplaying the vitriolic nature of the rivalry and saying the most important aspect of Saturday's game is it is the Big 12 opener for both teams.

Asked if he believes his Raiders look at the Aggies as a hated rival, Leach's politically correct reply was: "I don't really know. I always just hope we go out and play well. . . . I'd like to think we're excited to go out and play well this week."

More often than not, that's what both sides do when the Raiders and Aggies collide. And that's what has made for some thrilling finishes and, consequently, one of the nation's best rivalries in recent years.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

RB IX t-shirt (not the final, but close)

10 RoosterBowls to remember

from the Dallas Morning News:
06:13 PM CDT on Tuesday, September 26, 2006
From Staff Reports

The rivalry between Texas Tech and Texas A&M has heated up in recent years with some close finishes and some bad blood. The Red Raiders and Aggies have split their last 16 games, and many of those matchups have been memorable. Here are our accounts of 10 of the best games in recent years between the two Big 12 foes.

Texas Tech 48, Texas A&M 47 (OT) (Oct. 5, 2002): Despite seven touchdown passes from A&M's Dustin Long, the Red Raiders rally from 18 down in the fourth quarter and make the extra point in overtime that the Aggies couldn't.

Texas A&M 32, Texas Tech 25 (OT) (Nov. 13, 2004): After Courtney Lewis' 25-yard touchdown run gives the Aggies the lead on the first play of overtime, A&M's Byron Jones knocks down a fourth-down pass in the end zone for the win.

Texas Tech 14, Texas A&M 7 (Oct. 7, 1995): Red Raiders linebacker Zach Thomas returns an interception 21 yards for a touchdown with 30 seconds left to upset No. 8 Texas A&M.

Texas A&M 19, Texas Tech 17 (Oct. 3, 1992): Kicker Terry Venetoulias avenges a missed extra point and a failed 43-yarder by nailing a 21-yard field goal as time expired to snatch the win for No. 5 Texas A&M.

Texas Tech 16, Texas A&M 13 (Oct. 25, 1997): Despite a 24-mph wind, Red Raiders kicker Tony Rogers sends a 47-yard field goal off the left upright and through with 19 seconds left for the upset of No. 20 Texas A&M.

Texas A&M 23, Texas Tech 17 (Oct. 1, 1994): The 10th-ranked Aggies watch Texas Tech receiver Field Scovell drop a desperation pass in the end zone in the game's final play.

Texas Tech 21, Texas A&M 19 (Oct. 2, 1999): Texas Tech's Sammy Morris, a fullback used to replace Ricky Williams, smashes through the nation's top-ranked run defense for 170 yards in the upset of the No. 5 Aggies.

Texas A&M 28, Texas Tech 24 (Oct. 6, 1990): A&M mistakes keep the Red Raiders in contention for a surprise win, but Aggies running back Darren Lewis rushes for 232 yards to secure the victory.

Texas Tech 13, Texas A&M 10 (Oct. 26, 1996): Red Raiders quarterback Zebbie Lethridge launches an 81-yard touchdown pass to Sammy Morris in the fourth quarter to take the lead for good.

Texas A&M 17, Texas Tech 10 (Oct. 24, 1998): The eighth-ranked Aggies hold No. 25 Texas Tech most of the game, but a pass to the end zone to Red Raiders' Donnie Hart that is ruled out of bounds provides a late scare.

Leach Comments

A&M changed defensive coordinators after last season, replacing Carl Torbush with Gary Darnell, but that wasn't the first thing that Texas Tech coach Mike Leach mentioned Monday when asked about the reasons for A&M's improvement.

"Scheduling's been beneficial," Leach said. "I think smart scheduling."

Tech coach Mike Leach, when asked whether the team's loss to TCU could be beneficial based on what the team learned from it, wasn't too keen on the suggestion.

"I hope so," Leach said. "Everybody talks about how beneficial losses are. If they were so beneficial, everybody would lose 12 times and be real smart. I mean, whatever gets you through the night. It's nice of you to say. Maybe that's the case, so we'll go with that, because that's about all we have. We don't get to go play them again."

Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm the first Rooster Chick to show some skin!

Ok friends, we'll miss you in College Station this year! I expect a close game, a rowdy hot tub and lots of great tales!

We'll be here with our Guns Up and our new baby son!

Do you like the name Cole Alexander Steed for a future Tech quarterback?

I hope the Rooster does you all proud, take lots of pics!

Love Fletch

fun Roosterbowl factoid

Last 10 A&M-Tech Games at Kyle
Year W-L, Score Notable
2004 W, 32-25 ot M.Bullitt bats down OT pass
2002 L, 48-47 ot 7 passing TDs for D. Long, J. Pierson missed PAT sends to OT
2000 W, 33-15 K.Kingsbury sacked 4 times
1998 W, 17-10 TT limited to 205 yards
1996 L, 13-10 S. Morris wheel route
1994 W, 23-17 A&M rallies from 10 down
1992 W, 19-17 T.Venetoulias hits FG winner
1990 W, 28-24 232 rushing for D. Lewis, R. Blackshear-kickoff returned for TD vs 12th Man
1988 W, 50-15 420 yards/69 rushes by A&M
1986 W, 45-8 A&M races to 45-0 lead

just got our tickets!

Section 136, Row 18, Seats 2-7

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rooster week is here!!!!!!!!

It's finally here! Looks like it will be a great game too. I haven't seen the line yet, but I am sure it will be tighter than it was last year. A&M isn't great, but has definitely improved. Tech may have slipped a little, but seem to be working out some of the kinks, and just got their ineligible receiver back, which should help their offense improve.

A&M got a slow start yesterday, after the two-hour lightning delay at Kyle. Maybe someone told Les Koenning it was a 3-hour delay? Regardless, they did what they were supposed to do, in crushing La Tech. A&M needs to clean up their act on penalties though. The defense played well, but committed 2 more drive sustaining penalties, with a running into the punter, and another pass interference call. Fortunately, neither drive resulted in points.

Tech did what we knew they would do this week. The only surprise was the compassion of Mike Leach. He declined a penalty at the end of the first half that would have given them another shot at the end zone, and then put Chris Todd in at QB for the entire second half. He also decided not to start Filani and Johnson at QB, after referring to them as "a bunch of prima donna pretty boys prancing around like they thought they were too good to be there."

Also notable: to kick off Rooster week, Fletch will give birth to a baby boy on Tuesday morning. Congratulations Jeff and Erin!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Jarrett Hicks granted "waiver" by NCAA

This is confusing to me. Jarrett Hicks is ineligible for not meeting the NCAA's "progress towards degree" requirements. Texas Tech requested a waiver of this rule for Hicks, which was denied by the NCAA. Tech appealed, and today, the NCAA granted the waiver of the "progress towards degree" requirements. What has changed, besides the stagnation of Tech's offense?

Is Leach really that desperate now, that he feels the need to pressure the NCAA to reinstate a player who is not meeting academic requirements, then praise the decision for letting Jarrett "continue his track towards graduation"?

If this happened at A&M, Blake would be outraged, and the server at would explode.

More From Leach

"I saw a bunch of prima donna pretty boys prancing around like they thought they were too good to be there," Leach said. "And then when we got hit in the mouth, they looked surprised and frustrated, like this isn't supposed to happen. Like didn't (Tech players') press agent talk to TCU and let them know how good they were and what they did last year? Then they got frustrated like they were too good to fight back. I mean, we didn't even fight back."

Have other teams caught on to Tech?

"It's a stupid question," Leach said. "I try to be polite and answer it, but it's very difficult to kind of not roll your eyes at the thing. There's nothing wrong with the scheme. How it's applied, how you play, how hard you try, yeah, that's infested with problems right now.

"If it's so easy to lead the nation in stuff, everybody would do that. But the thing is, I think we have an entitlement syndrome around here and think that everything's easy and don't understand that to get anything, you fight for it."

"The thing about it is, you don't get those games over," said Leach, whose team fell to 2-1 and out of both major polls. "We knew how important it was to win and chose, in my opinion, to ignore it. TCU was excited about the game, embraced the challenge, was thrilled to be there and thrilled to play well - and did.

"The cowardly thing is (to say), 'If we got to do it again ... . ' No, no. It was there at that time. That's when it'd been scheduled for quite some time. Everybody knew when to be there. TCU prevailed, so TCU deserves everything that goes along with that."

Knight Weighs in on Whiny OU

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight, whose Red Raiders lost to Oklahoma on a controversial call three years ago, said he knows how fans feel about wanting a forfeit after OU's loss to Oregon on Saturday.

Knight called for Oklahoma to forfeit its basketball game with Tech on Jan. 20, 2003, when the Sooners won 69-64 in overtime at Norman after two clock controversies in the final seconds of regulation. Video replay later showed the game clock started late after OU in-bounded the ball on the game-tying drive.

"Maybe now those people at Oklahoma understand what I was talking about," Knight told The Oklahoman.

Officals review a call in the second half during last Saturday's Oklahoma vs. Oregon college football game. Oregon rallied in the fourth quarter to defeat Oklahoma, 34-33.

"Had Oklahoma forfeited that game against us like I suggested, they would have gotten far more positive publicity out of that than if they had gone to the Final Four that year."

Now I guess the 'duck' is swimming in the other pond."

Oregon scored two touchdowns late to beat Oklahoma 34-33, including the game-winner that came after the Ducks recovered an onside kick. Video replay showed Oregon touched the ball before it went the required 10 yards, but the replay official did not overturn the call.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Great Leach quote

The media asked him about Jarrett Hicks. His answer was:
"Some people like to watch baseball, some like to watch Desperate Housewives,
and some like to watch the Jarret Hicks saga. I watch Desperate Housewives"

I just love Mike Leach!

Monday, September 18, 2006


Kickoff has been changed from 6 pm to 2:30 pm, to accommodate the ABC regional telecast.


week 3

It's quiet around here after week 3, after the Tech offense got figured out by TCU, and A&M almost coughed one up to Army.

I was at the Army/A&M game in San Antonio, and I have to say, it really doesn't cause me that much concern. I know I had the same feeling after the Texas State game last year, and my feeling turned out to be off base, since the Ags went 5-6. This is really just an observation from a guy who is admittedly high on maroon kool-aid.

A&M seemed committed to run the ball Saturday. The game plan was so conservative, it made me think something was just off. The San Antonio paper suggested that A&M went with an option-heavy attack to confuse gameplanning by Tech. I personally don't think our coaching staff even thought it that far out. This is something that could probably not be observed on TV, but I think A&M gameplanned conservatively so as not to embarrass our opponent.

Army was the home team Saturday, so there was a great deal of pomp and circumstance around West Point, the military, and their tradition, etc. During the 1st quarter, they were even stopping play to induct recruits into the Army, and promote soldiers in rank. A&M changed one of their yells, so as to make sure they got no bad PR by saying "Beat the Hell Outta Army". I think it was just another PR move to make sure not to beat Army by 4 touchdowns, when some these guys are going overseas to fight in a matter of months. This PR move obviously backfired, as Army came to play, and capitalized on every mistake A&M made, and almost won the damn thing.

The good news is, the Aggies escaped with a W, and hopefully learned something from it.

What the hell happened to Tech? I don't know, and don't feel qualified to comment, since I didn't watch the game. According to Gary Patterson, it's "speed baby".

Saturday, September 16, 2006 more

on my way to San Antonio for the A&M/Army game.

Here's another good pic from last year.............

Thursday, September 14, 2006

...more (vague) RoosterBowl memories

so many pictures it was hard to choose. I will put some more up tomorrow....


Tech chicks :-)
Texan Lounge-2000

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Monday, September 11, 2006

A Little Late....

Sat., Sep 2
Southern Methodist
W 35-3

I think we all predicted a win here.

Sat., Sep 9
W 38-35 (OT)

Although I assumed a win, I must admit that I didn't think it would be this close. Price has a very good offensive unit with three players that could play just about anywhere they choose. Tech's special teams very unspecial - no surprise there. Oh well; good teams find a way to win these types of games on the road in sold-out stadiums.

Sat., Sep 16

Wow. Before the UTEP game, I thought Tech should run away with this one, but you never kn ow. TC-Who couldn't even put 25K in the stands last week, which is pretty piss-poor for a top 25 team. This week, half the stadium will be wearing red, which will help. Although I wish for a blow out, I think just getting out of Foat Wuff with a W will do just fine. Looks like another high-scoring game: Tech 42 Frogs 27

Sat., Sep 23
Southeastern Louisiana

Just what the Dr. ordered before the big game in the Land of Collie - a scrimmage against the JV. Hopefully this game will allow Tech to work out whatever hasn't worked the last 2 weeks, and will also be a good walk-through for the biggest road game yet. Tech 65 SELa 14

Sat., Sep 30
@Texas A&M

2 undefeated teams? Traditionally a tough place for Tech to get a win, my hope is that this year's early road tests prepare Tech to run away with this one in the second half. In Tech's third sell-out road game of the year, Tech wins big over the Ags after a tough first half: 42-24

Sat., Oct 7

Avoiding the letdown after a big road win is crucial this week. Then again, this game isn't in Stoolwater, and it is Tech's homecoming. Still undefeated. Tech 35 Mizzou 17

Sat., Oct 14

Tech has never won in Boulder. CU sucks, but Tech will have to play well to win this one. A solid win here will give me confidence that this years team is really good. Tech 24 Buffs 7

Sat., Oct 21
@Iowa State

Another tough road game. At this point in the season, however, it doesn't matter. Although not a cake walk, if Tech plays well it should win. Even a cold, windy atmosphere shouldn't be a factor. This one could be another shoot-out: Tech 35 ISU 24

Sat., Oct 28

Well, Tech seems to beat UT about every 4 years it seems, so it's definitely time. With that said, who knows which Tech team will show up. The one one that was so full of itself 2 years ago, and was actaully favored to win, or the one that has grown up since then. I think Tech finally wins at home: 28-24

Sat., Nov 4

Hopefully no let-down against the Brazos Bears. It has certain key elements of a huge upset, but I think Tech is mature enough to squash them in the HUB: 56-17

Sat., Nov 11

I would love for Tech to win this one, but beating both UT and OU in the same year is unlikely. Since I pick Tech to beat the Cows, I guess this means Tech drops this one on the road in Mobilehoma. Maybe there will be a meth epidemic that hits the Sooners the week of the game....OU 24 Tech 21

Sat., Nov 18
Oklahoma State

It's a contest until the Cowboys yellow school bus rolls into town. Tech 70 OSU 10

Joe's Aggie predictions

At this very moment, I can see my corneas are beginning to morph to a familiar shade of maroon. The Ags have so far, done what is expected of them, and have shown great improvement from week one to week two.

They will continue to dominate their weak conference schedule, and heading into the RoosterBowl, will boast an average margin of victory of over 30 points.

Sept 16--vs. Army
Blowout. McGee will be pulled early in the 3rd quarter again.

Sept 23--vs. LA Tech
This one will be closer than the others, and will be a nice test for the improving Aggie secondary, which they will pass. Ags win 36-13.

Sept 30--RoosterBowl IX vs Tech
Ags win 38-24. This will still not earn the Aggies any respect, as people will be beginning to question if Tech has returned to their old ways.

Oct 7--@ Kansas
Aggies first game outside of Texas this year doesn't slow them down. Jorvorskie Lane dominates in Lawrence, with a 200+ yard performance.

Oct 14-- vs. Missouri
Home field will play a big part in this Aggie victory. By this point in the season, The Wrecking Crew moniker will be back in full effect, and Chase Daniel will have his worst outing of the season for Mizzou. Aggies 24, Missouri 6.

Oct 21--@ Okie State
Which Woods brothers are still on this team? I don't know, but it won't matter. Ags clean house in Stillwater, 31-10.

Oct 28--@ Baylor
No upset on the Brazos this year, but those pesky Bears are getting better every week, and give A&M their best shot. Ags 39, Baylor 31.

Nov 4--vs. Nebraska
Nebraska has some success on offense today, but the "Blackshirts" turn pink in this embarrassing loss at Kyle Field. Ags 47, Huskers 38.

Nov 11--vs. Oklahoma
The Aggies always give OU a great game at Kyle Field. This one will be no different. A&M uses a punishing running game and stacks the box against Peterson, daring Stoops to put the ball in the air. The Ags capitalize on turnovers to squeak out a victory 31-30.

Nov 24-- @ Texas
The undefeated Aggies roll into Austin having already clinched the Big 12 South, as Texas has losses to OU and Tech. 2006 is the year that the Aggies begin a long winning streak against the horns, and turn the balance of power in the Big 12 for years to come. Aggies 42, Longhorns 12.

Dec 2-- Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City
This rematch with Nebraska fares no better for the Cornholers. The Aggies are so strong now that they are virtually unbeatable. Ags roll in KC and make a big statement heading into Tempe.

January 4-- Fiesta Bowl, Tempe, AZ
On this day, the Texas Aggies will do what the Longhorns could not do yesterday........the 21-20 victory over Ohio State will bring the national championship back to our beloved school, after a long, 67 year drought.

Aggie linebacker Mark Dodge profiled on ESPN GameDay:

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Madi on gameday in Austin

Madi on gameday in Austin
Originally uploaded by Terry's in Texas.

She's coming around!

Gig Em Aggies. Beat the Hell outta ULaLa!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Joe's Tech predictions

Well, I guess it's time for each of us to put up our game by game predictions for each team. I am going to start with my projections for the Red Raiders.

Sept 2--no surprise that Tech abused SMU. the only disappointment here was, according to Mike Leach, that the new clock rules did not allow him to score more on the overmatched Mustangs.

Sept 9--@ UTEP
This one may end up being a shocker. I am sure Tech fans think the 7 point line will be an easy cover, and are loading up with every bookie they know. The reality is, the bookies are liking this. UTEP is a good team, and Mike Price is a great coach. Tech will have a scare here, and I am predicting an early loss for the Red Raiders in El Paso del Norte.

Sept 16--@ TCU
This will be another tough one for Tech, but the overwhelming home field advantage for the Red Raiders will play a role in FW. That's right, I said home field advantage.....@ TCU. TCU fans are pitiful, and the stadium will be overwhelmed with drunken Red Raiders. Tech squeaks by for a W in Cowtown.

Sept 23--SE Louisiana
Tech mops up at home. Graham Harrell sets a single game passing record for the Big 12, contributing to the overconfidence factor heading to College Station.

Sept 30--@ Texas A&M
This will be one of the most exciting games of the year, but for the first time since 2000, these teams will not go to overtime at Kyle. The Aggie defense will come of age today, with double digit sacks and forcing at least 4 turnovers. Texas Aggies 38, Texas Tech 24.

Oct 7--Missouri
Am I too bold to predict a loss in Lubbock this early in the season? Nope. Missouri is too much for Tech to handle, as Chase Daniel will really be hitting stride at this point in the season. Missouri comes in as a favorite, and goes home with a 10-point victory.

Oct 14--@ Colorado
Tech bounces back in Boulder against the weakest CU team we have seen in many years. Tech offense explodes for 70 points.

Oct 21--@ Iowa State
Another Big 12 loss for the Red Raiders. Tech fans are suicidal, and blame officials for double digit loss in Ames.

Oct 28--Texas Longhorns
Tech always gives the horns a game in Lubbock, and 2006 is no exception. Leach uses pirate metaphors all week to avoid a mutiny, and motivate his team to steal a victory from the longhorns.

Nov 4--Baylor Bears
Baylor is getting better every week, but they can't beat Tech in Lubbock. They keep it close, but Tech scores 3 late touchdowns to make it a blowout.

Nov 11--@ OU
"Revenge in Norman"----Taurean wasn't in last year, but this year, Adrian gets in early and often, with a 350 yard, 6 TD performance, launching himself back into the Heisman race. To add insult to injury, Tech can't get in the end zone all day: OU 56, Tech 6

Nov 18--Okie State
Another week for revenge, but this time it's Tech getting even for last year's upset, and taking out the frustrations of their season on the hapless orange aggies. Tech finishes off the season with a 77-3 win in Lubbock.

Overall, this puts Tech's record at a bowl eligible 7-5, and the Red Raiders are squarely back in their comfort zone, with a date to the Independence Bowl in Shreveport.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who's your Rooster?

....Or should I say, "Where's your Rooster"?

After intense search, I finally secured our spot for this year's festivities. Roosterbowl IX Central Command will be in space 12 of the Olsen Field RV lot. This is significant, because it puts us close to Kyle Field, there is grass for Raider to run and play, and there is access to water and power to fill and run the hot tub!!!!! This location also represents a return to CENTCOM for Roosterbowl III.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A&M 35, Citadel 3

I was thrilled to be at Kyle Field on opening day, but overall, the game was boring. Especially after the blocked punt early in the 2nd quarter. With the Aggies up 21-0, Fran really started rotating a lot of different players in, and I never felt like there was any rhythm at all. It looked like they were just trying different things with different players. They even burned redshirts on 5 freshmen: Michael Goodson, Jordan Pugh, EJ Shankle, Matt Symanski, and Cody Beyer. Goodson looked electrifying, with 44 yards on 5 carries. Unfortunately, he lost the ball on two of those carries.

With the game so uneventful, I made an effort to "soak in" some of the changes at Kyle Field, namely, the new video board in the South end zone, and the "ribbon board", which stretches all the way around the 2nd deck.

The video board is incredible. Blake has already pointed out to me that it is smaller than the new video board at DKR Memorial, but it was great, nevertheless. From what I have read, Kyle's video board is about the same height as at UT, but UT's is much longer. I have to assume they are compensating for something.

The jury is out, however, on the "ribbon board". Maybe it will just take some getting used to, but I found it to be too busy. Every time I looked up to read game stats or other game scores, it would flash to a Coca Cola ad or to a very busy graphic of fans waving 12th Man towels (when Ags were on D). The damn thing is so long, I had a hard time finding the information I wanted, even when it stayed up long enough for me to read it. The Kyle Field announcer also apologized for a "blue hue" to the ribbon board, which I hadn't noticed, but he said was going to be fixed.

Overall, we had a great time. It was hot as hell (fortunately, our seats were under the overhang), and Madi and Shannon got worn out early, but Madi said she loved it, and wouldn't leave her seats, even when I offered to take her to get a Lemon Chill. She especially loved the band, and sang along to every Aggie song (evidence of indoctrination since birth). On the way to the car, she was talking about where she would live at A&M and asking if it was okay with her mom for her to go to A&M instead of UT. Looks like we may have shifted her a little, at least until she visits Austin again.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Predictions from the voice of reason, BRAD.

Well, it's that time of year again. As the weather gets cooler, the Roosterboard heats up. That time of year when Joe's productivity at work comes to a grinding halt, and his hours logged on roosterbowl preparations reach epic proportions.

(I am just hoping I don't receive the same call I got last year from Shannon asking me to participate in an intervention to discuss Joe's addiction to Aggie Football.)

For those of you that care (and I know there aren't many), here are my game by game predictions for the ags.

The aggies steamroll though the first 3 pathetic opponents by an average margin of 40 something points, and aggie faithful lose sight of the pathetic opponents they have beaten. Joe actually starts looking into hotel rates in Arizona "just in case"

Optimism is overcome by terror as the Aggies get outplayed by La Tech and almost lose. It takes a blocked punt for the ags to pull out a lucky victory.
A&M 17 - La Tech 16.

Privately, the aggies are scared to death of another demoralizing loss to Tech, but in a strangely non-competitive game, the ags blow em out. Franchione runs up the score on a play action pass in the closing minutes to pay leach back for trying the same thing in 2003.
A&M 41 - Tech 17

Overzealous aggie fans are again on top of the world until they hit the road against Kansas and the ags show up flat.
Kansas 23- Aggies 16

The sting of their first loss is short lived as the aggies take care of business the next 2 weeks against Missouri and Oki state in convincing wins. Freshman phenom Mike Goodson is now firmly implanted as the starting tailback and the best player on the team.
Aggies 27 Mizzou 13
Aggies 31 Oki state 19

Coach Fran warns his players about overlooking Baylor towards Oklahoma and his guys respond in with their most convincing conference win of the year. With 5 TDs on the day for Goodson, the aggies start a short lived "Goodson for Heisman" campaign.
Aggies 35 - Baylor 6

As a motivational tool, Coach Fran reinstates the "Wrecking Crew" nickname for his defense 3 days before the game. Coach Stoops uses this as bulletin board material and the ags get schooled.
Sooners 44 - Aggies 21

Coach Fran is criticized in the media for the "wrecking crew" gaffe which sparks his players to respond with a great game against Nebraska.
Aggies 28 - Huskers 13

For the first time in what seems like an eternity, the division title is on the line against UT. Winner goes to the conference championship. The Aggies play like a young team making multiple costly turnovers in the first half. Although they outplay the Longhorns with more yardage and a huge Time of Possession advantage, the fumbles are just too much to overcome.
Longhorns 27 - Aggies 24

In a bizarre episode after too many Jim Beam shooters with Blake, Joe gets thrown out of a Hooter's and makes his way to a tatoo parlor. The slogan "WRECKING CREW" ends up permanently stamped on Joe's Ass.

Challenge to Texas Tech co-eds

Pretty compelling recruiting video for Ohio State recruiting. However, I have no doubt that Tech can do better than this!

(disclaimer: this video is a little risque...., but no nudity, and nothing you wouldn't expect on

Sunday, August 27, 2006

My expectation for the Ags in September

I just secured my tickets to the A&M opener, and I am bringing my daughter to her very first Aggie game (in fact, it's her very first football game). She has been to Kyle Field before, for Spring practice in 2004, but never to a game. Hopefully, this weekend will mark the beginning of her rehabilatation from her seemingly burnt orange leanings, but I'm not counting on it (fifth graders are very prone to band-wagonning).

The opener on Saturday night versus the Citadel kicks off the softest A&M non-conference schedule I can remember, as they will follow with U-La-La, Army, and La-Tech.....all are basically home games (Army at the Alamodome). Now, I was amongst the Aggies who brutalized Tech fans for their pitiful non-conference schedule last year. Even Norm Hitzges piled on, verbally assaulting Tech for their lineup of Florida International (newly D1-A), Sam Houston State (D1-AA), and Indiana State (D1-AA).

The thing is, looking back at that schedule, and Tech's 2005 season, you really can't pick on them much anymore. Tech fans claimed that non-conference schedule was a "warm-up", or a "preseason", and Tech effectively used it as such. The Red Raiders' average margin of victory in those games was 56 points. It wasn't skewed by one big game either. They won by 53, 59, and 56 points respectively, then went on to finish the season with losses only to Oklahoma State, Alabama, and national champion Texas.

So, in my opinion, if A&M is to effectively utilize their weak-ass non-con games as a "warm up", they had better be showing us a dominating performance every week. I don't expect a margin of victory of 56 every week, as part of that was achieved by Mike Leach pouring it on those beaten teams down to the final minute, but I will say that we should win each of these four games by more than 30 points, and should hold each opponent to less than 14 points.

Nothing less than total domination of all four non-con games will leave me feeling confident moving forward into the conference schedule, which begins with the beloved Rooster back on the line on 9/30.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Home Unis

Not bad, I guess.

Tech will once again be wearing red on red at home, and somewhat surprising to me, will go old school and wear classic white on white this season while on the road.

While I'm still not sold on the red on red look, it could be worse - maroon on maroon, anyone....?

First time in a while Tech has had jerseys with sewn on lettering and numerals.

more problems on Tech football team

In the tradition of Cap't Bake's obsession with reporting on jurisprudence, here is a link to yet another suspension from the Texas Tech football team.

This most recent incident involves sophomore defensive end Jared Williams. An embarrassed Mike Leach would not elaborate, except to say that Williams was suspended for violating team rules.

Here are the others, which were reported right here on

Tech DB stabbed in Nightclub Brawl Texas Tech football player Anthony Hines was stabbed during a fight at a Lubbock nightclub early Saturday morning. Leach confirmed that other players were involved, including freshman linebacker Dewayne Baziel from Galveston. Has this now been formally swept under the field turf, or will Leach take action against these hoodlums?

Tech Receiver Dismissed From TeamSophomore receiver Catron Houston was dismissed from the football team for an unspecified violation of team rules.

Are these just minor incidents, or a signal of deeper problems with the types of people Leach will accept as recruits?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Roosterbowl in Dallas???

Tech weighs dollars, sense of moving A&M football game to Dallas (requires registration)

Oh, what will we do if they move the Roosterbowl to Dallas? Will it be at the Cotton Bowl? (that's what this article implies) ...or at the new Cowboy's stadium in Arlington? Somehow, setting up an RV and tailgating in Arlington just doesn't have much of a sexy feel to it. Fair park would be a little better, but may make the game a punchline to OU and whorn fans, since they will have likely just dumped the Cotton Bowl to move their game to Arlington. I'm not sure I want to spend the night in Fair Park either.

On a positive note, a neutral site would certainly elevate the status of this contest, and bring more of a national spotlight to the Rooster. I know He would like that, and it would serve His interests well. The Cotton Bowl is a familiar place for Aggie fans, which might lend advantage to the Ags. Tech has only played there twice, but we could send them a map.

Roosterbowl at the Cotton Bowl would move us to a downtown hotel...maybe the Magnolia, which wouldn't be too bad. We could set up a tailgate party just for gameday, and wouldn't lose too much of the "feel" of Rooster weekend.

I have always thought this was just a pipe dream for Tech, to have this game moved to Dallas, and give them much needed $ for the athletic department. It seems more real with comments like this from Gerald Meyers: "The earliest this could happen would be the fall of '07, next year," Myers said. "As I sit here today, it's not a done deal. We don't have anything signed. Once we agree to move the game or not move the game, that's when we'll start making those decisions."

As for me, I am very torn over this issue. Ultimately, I want what is best for Texas A&M, and for The Rooster.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Teddy K getting handsy with the waitress

TK loves the Twin Peaks girls!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Aggie predictions

Well, it's 25 days until kickoff of the 2006 Aggie football season, and I guess it's time to make my predictions for the season. I will start off by acknowledging the incredibly weak-ass non-con lineup for A&M. I gave Tech fans hell last year about their pitiful schedule last year, and pitiful is pitiful.....A&M's non-conference schedule is completely embarrassing.

Many of you will be surprised by the incredible objectivity in my picks this year. Don't think I have removed my maroon colored glasses...I haven't. I just see a lot of debris in the road ahead, and in the end, it may be littered with the body parts of our former Longhorn DC, and the man I will henceforth refer to as "Maroon Mackovick", or MM for short. I hope I am dreadfully wrong.

The offense will be fantastic. Under the leadership of Stephen McGee, the return of Riley, Taylor, and Schroeder at receiver, Bennett at TE, a great power running game, and experienced O-line, the Aggie offense will be one of the best in the country.

The defense is still highly suspect. The first red flag is the orange DC who constructed a pitiful longhorn defense in the '90s. What in the hell is a 4-2-5? They say it will be a great style to run against the aerial offenses like Tech, but isn't that pretty much what we ran against Tech last year in Lubbock? I would guess we had 5 DB's on every play in that debacle on the South Plains. Regardless, I think Adrian Peterson, along with lesser tailbacks in the Big 12, will have a heyday with a 4-2-5 defense. Once again, I hope I am wrong.

Hopefully, personnel will play a big role in improving the Aggie defense. We still have Red Bryant, Jason Jack, Chris Harrington, and Michael Bennett up front. Those guys will all be better this year. Unfortunately, we lost a top RS lineman, Will Morrissey, to "personal issues". With a name like Morrissey, you would expect some personal issues I guess.

Should be strong at LB with Justin Warren and the juco tx Mark Dodge (seems really weird to have only 2 linebackers at what was once "linebacker U"). DB's will be Devin Gregg, Kay Carpenter, Danny Gorrer, Melvin Bullitt, among a host of other spares. For those of you that don't remember, Melvin Bullitt was the guy who performed a huge, on-field celebration, taunting the OU offense after stopping them from scoring their TWELVTH touchdown of the day in 2003. Hopefully, he will have some more "legit" celebrations in 2006 (like he did on this INT of Vince Young last year).

My actual, game by game predictions are coming. I need to go make a pitcher of maroon kool-aid and Stoli first.

Monday, August 07, 2006

TexAgs had this story in January

the OU/Bomar scandal was broken on TexAgs in January! story
Actual TexAgs post

and now, Bud Light salutes the man who broke the story:

Bud Light presents, Real Men of Genius

Real men of Geniiuus

Today we salute you, Mr. OU Football Car Dealership Scandal Internet Whistleblower Guy

Mr. OU Football Car Dealership Scandal Internet Whistleblower Guy

Other internet posters make outrageous claims with absolutely no evidence. But you? You make outrageous claims with absolutely no evidence that are really true.

Cause you know stuff

You don't need to get your info from your best friend's cousin's sister's, nephew, that cleans the Fish Pond. You go straight to the source and bang the woman on the inside.

Tap that a$$

Sure there are those that thought you were full of crap, and ridiculed you. But now? Now they worship the very ground you walk on.

Eat crow b*tches

So Crack open a nice cold Bud Light, oh purveyor of truth and justice. Because all that whistleblowing must've made you mighty thirsty.

Mr. OU Football Car Dealership Scandal Internet Whistleblower Guy

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

ready to revise those Big 12 predictions??

OU Dismisses Bomar from team because he allegedly "violated NCAA rules by working at a private business and taking "payment over an extended period of time in excess of time actually worked."

Brings back memories of Greg Hill.

Monday, July 31, 2006

problems at Tech?

Is Tech's football program starting to crumble before the season even starts? What the hell kind of a program is Mike Leach running out there on the Caprock? At least he kicked one guy off the team, although we don't know what he did. Probably a spare that was expendable enough to try to make a statement.

Tech DB stabbed in Nightclub Brawl
Texas Tech football player Anthony Hines was stabbed (by a junior high kid in a Gap T-shirt) during a fight at a Lubbock nightclub early Saturday morning. Leach confirmed that other players were involved, including freshman linebacker Dewayne Baziel from Galveston. (At least they weren't pummelled with a Duracell or a piece of a goalpost.)

Tech Receiver Dismissed From Team
Sophomore receiver Catron Houston has been dismissed from the football team for an unspecified violation of team rules.