Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Turning Point

Texas A&M @ Oklahoma State, Thursday night, 7 pm

This is truly going to be a turning point for the Aggies. We are still basically unproven, and sit exactly where we were this time last year, headed into a marquee game. in 2009, the Aggies lost EVERY televised game. Tomorrow night is a road game against a potentially explosive (also untested) team, nationally televised on ESPN. If we win this game, I think it speaks volumes about the kind of team we have, and how different we are from last year. If we lose, it's probably "same ol' Aggies" for 2010.

If we win the turnover battle, we should win the game. I think our defense is the real thing, and we should be able to contain the "greatest show on turf". If we can play our game offensively, and avoid turnovers, we should win handily.

My prediction: Aggies 31, Cowboys 24

Monday, September 27, 2010


                                           Welcome to the Show, kid
                                           Mid-way through the 4th
                                                   Should have brushed with Crest
                                           Pistol Offense?
                                           Pistol Offense!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

36 days to Rooster the 13th......

.....and I am an army of one. Where the hell are Bake, T-Ray, Fletch, and most importantly, Ted Kennedy?

Monday, September 13, 2010

predictions 2010--by Magnum

yes, we're two games in, and I'm just getting to this. Obviously, I would have picked wins for both teams in the first two games, so I'll just skip those, and predict the remaining 10 for each.

Week by week for both teams:

Tech vs. longhorns
I rarely pick against the Red Raiders when it's a night game in Lubbock. Local stores are already sold out of tortillas and D-cell batteries, as Tech fans get ready for war. Tech wins this game by double digits. buy stock in goalpost companies this week. They're about to make a sale.
A&M vs. FIU
Aggies close out "Bill Snyder Scheduling for Dummies" with another runaway win.

Tech @ Iowa State
Tech romps the hapless Cyclones
A&M @ Okie Lite
Aggies fall behind and engineer a 4th quarter comeback for the win.

Tech vs Baylor (Dallas)
sorry Faders, I'm picking Griffin and the pesky Bears for the upset in Fair Park
A&M vs Arkansas (Cowboys Stadium)
A&M avenges last year's loss with a two touchdown win. Johnson puts on a clinic for Mallett with 400+ passing and 100+ rushing.

Tech vs. Okie Lite
Gundy's hair and the greatest show on turf are too much for the Faders. Cowboys gain 400 on the ground in a win.
A&M vs. Mizzou
Tigers don't stand a chance, as the Kyle Field mystique is back. Aggies roll in front of a record crowd.

Tech @ Colorado
Tech bounces back and steamrolls the pitiful, stoned Buffalos, making Bake's trip worthwhile.
A&M @ Kansas
Aggies destroy the Jayhawks

10/30 RoosterBowl 13 Tech @ Texas A&M
Tech keeps it closer than last year, but the Aggies roll with a 10 point victory.

Tech vs. Mizzou
Blaine Gabbert and company are too much for the Raiders. Another loss in Lubbock.
A&M vs. Oklahoma
Sooner jinx continues for the Aggies, losing a close one at home.

Tech @ Oklahoma
Avalanche buries Tech in Norman.
A&M @ Baylor
this is a home crowd in Waco for a runaway Aggie victory.

Tech vs. Weber State
Tech wins in a rout
A&M vs. Nebraska
Big 12 matches top offense versus top defense. Aggies win a low scoring affair at home, setting another attendance record, 24-17

A&M @ Texas
Aggies win big in Austin, beginning a new era of Aggie dominance over the horns, and a turn of the recruiting tables. Win secures the Big 12 South and a rematch with Nebraska in the Big 12 title game.
Tech vs. Houston
Tech defense pulls it together for a close win to close out the season bowl eligible at 7-5.

A&M vs. Nebraska (Cowboys Stadium)
Johnson loves the national stage this year, and this time the Aggie victory is never in doubt. Aggies win Big 12 title for first time since 1998.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Get Whitey!

Word has it that Tech will be wearing all-white on the road tonight, including white helmets. The last time the Red Raiders sported a white helmet in a game was December 28, 1974, against Vanderbilt in the Peach Bowl. The final score was 6-6. 4 field goals. Offensive-laden it was not... Offensive it apparently was to anyone watching on either side.

Speaking of 1974, here are some interesting facts I dug up regarding that year:

Was the first year that the Masked Rider was a female

2-1 against ranked teams (defeated #6 Whorns 26-3; lost to #16 aggy 28-7; defeated #9 Arizona 17-8)

Had 2 ties that season - the other was to "New" Mexico (which was a little more "New" in 1974 apparently: 21-21)

Held Xerox State to 0 (that's zero) passing yards (once held aggy to zip passing as well in 1954. For those of you keeping score at home, that would translate to 44 Before Rooster, or simply 44BR)

Finished the season averaging 293 yards per game on offense (221 ground; 72 air), and the defense averaged 279 per game (206 ground; 72 pass). Final record was 6-4-2.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Brad Aggie Predictions

As this game is already in the books, making a prediction seems a little lame. Obviously, I had the aggies winning big. Glad they took care of business and didn't let a bad team hang around (like previous Aggie squads). Aggies 48 - SFA 7

Aggies come out flat, and it looks bad for A&M at halftime. Just when you're ready to call for Sherman's head, the aggies get it rolling in the second half and win by 13. The "ugly" win gives Sherman the needed ammunition to blast his team for sloppy play. Aggies 29 - ULALA 16

Florida International
In response to Sherman's insults, Aggies come out fired up and ready. Offensive puts on on a show with 5 TDs from Jerrod, and a solid defensive showing. Tannehill gets in at QB for the bulk of the 4th quarter showing the Ags what they have to look forward to in 2011. Aggies 66 - FIU 16.

@ Oki State
The first road trip of the year is filled with excitement as both the Cowboys and the Ags are undefeated. A raucous Stillwater crowd rattles the aggies early resulting in turnovers and missed opportunities. The aggies completely outplay the Cowboys but can't seem to put them away. As the game wears on, the ags pile up time of possession; and the worn out OSU defense falls apart. Christine Michael has the best game of his career. Aggies 41 - OSU 31

The aggies are undefeated and Arkansas is coming off 2 straight losses to Georgia and Alabama. Ags come out overconfident and they pay the price. A late surge by Ryan Mallett and company turns into a heartbreaker for the Aggies. Razorbacks 38 - Aggies 34

MizzouJerrod Johnson's showdown with Blaine Gabbert turns into a laugher. Johnson is simply flawless putting the tigers into an early hole. Forced to play catchup and throw on every down, Gabbert gets clobbered by the Aggie defense, ultimately knocking him out of the game. Tim Deruyter's defense has it's best showing of the year. Aggies - 38 Tigers 20

@ Kansas
Another solid game for the Aggies taking care of business rather easily against an overmatched KU Squad Aggies 41 - KU 17

Texas Tech
Both teams come in ranked (with only 1 loss a piece). Tons of excitement and hype around 2 high powered offenses sets the stage. Tim DeRuyter's defense puts on a clinic for stopping Tech's run and shoot offense. Taylor Potts is ultimately benched after his 4th turnover. Aggies use their running game to grind down the Tech defense late and seal the game. Aggies 37 - Tech 24

A maligned OU program stumbles into college station as a 7 point underdog. The overconfident aggies keep it close, but can't overcome turnovers and special teams miscues. Despite some 4th quarter heroics from Johnson, the aggies come up short in a heartbreaker.OU 28 - Aggies 27

Ags come out with a vengeance against Baylor and win handily in Waco. The game is over by halftime, as most of the Baylor fans leave early. Aggies 42 - Bears 16

The best offense in the south takes on the best defense in the north. The aggies come out angry with their status of being underdogs at home leading by 10 at halftime. The Huskers battle back and take a lead into the 4th quarter. The Aggies retake the lead forcing the huskers to run a two minute offense to get in FG range. Huskers try an ill-fated 54 yard field goal at the end of the game leading to an Aggie W. Aggies 27 huskers 26

@ Longhorns
For the first time in the history of the Big 12, an invitation to the Big 12 championship is at stake between Texas and the Aggies. Win, and your is that simple. In another classic battle, the teams go back and forth all the way to the closing gun. The horns take a 3 point lead with 1:40 left on the clock. The game is now completely in Johnson's hands...this will be the defining moment of his career if he can pull it off. The aggies zip down the field getting within FG range. Christine Micheal makes an incredible run putting the Aggies inside the 5 yard line. Suddenly, the aggies are no longer playing for the tie. They have 2 or 3plays to score a TD and win. On a play action bootleg, Jerrod takes it into endzone himself for the win. Aggies 34 - Horns 30

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Roostermobile: Locked and Loaded

Plenty of room for debauchery - vacuum not included.

Ted Kennedy still has his personal Wolf's Lair.

What to look for..


Keeping with tradition, my annual predictions are a week late. (I still would've picked Tech over SMEW if I had posted these last week, however...)

June Jones is in a perfect position, other than the fact he's surrounded by concrete and no sand. (of course, metaphorically speaking, there's more sand in Dallas than most anywhere else...) Anyway, the Ponies will be pretty decent this year, mostly because of a weak conference, but with 73 different bowl games this winter, count on them being in one. Tech by 21.

@"New" Mexico:
ABQ is never a desired destination, but then again, neither is any place in the state (and I use that word loosely) of New Mexico. Seriously, all it takes is one visit, and you'll wonder why the word "New" is used to describe anything there. The Lobos hate Tech, and are jealous, which I find slightly amusing. They fired Rocky, and their governor actually understands Kim Jong il. That alone tells anyone how FUBAR the whole place is. Tech by 28.


As much as I despise Butterteeth and his used car salesman act, his BS will have his team believing they can actually win. I like our young secondary more than I respect their QB who cried on national TV against 'Bama. Expect him to dink and dunk all night, while Potts throws at will. In fact, I think we'll see more than one QB with a puke-orange cow on his helmet on this night, as I expect Gilbert to get his feelings hurt and have to pull himself out of the game. Tech by 10.

Know nothing about the Cyclones. Don't really care either. Ugliest uniforms and cheerleaders. Who cares if you have a caucus. You're pretty low on the chain if that's your claim to fame. Tech by 24.

BU@Cotton Bowl:
Brazos may be pretty pesky, but I'm counting on Tech's D to be really salty at this juncture of the season. Griffin is plenty good, but he can't win the game by himself. At least I don't think so - I did say the same thing about Vince Young in 2005... Anyway, Sick 'Em will play tough, but Tech should roll in this one in front of a home crowd. Tech by 21.

Xerox State:

What happened, Gundy? Is the truth about your true talent beginning to shine through? I knew you were a fraud just by looking at your haircut for the first time. You'd be more interesting if you had been hanging around with Sutton's crowd the last couple of years. FYI: I know of a good Realtor in Stoolwater. Tech by 28.

My first trip to Boulder! Should be Tech's first win in Boulder too. Unfortunately, previous trips to the Rockies have been full of really poor efforts, and many losses to really bad Buffalo teams. No doubt TT will have these guys ready to play. The Black Hole can cause some problems, especially at night. Possible trap game, although I still think in order to beat Tech, Ralphie would have to line up in the backfield, and have lots of Stickum applied to his mane. Tech by 10.

RB XIII @aggy:

HUGE game for both teams. aggy will bring the biggest crowd of the season out for this one, while Tech will bring everything it has, including the red pants. Tech plays well in the Land of Collie, and seems to find a way to win close games. This will be the biggest game of Fat Mike's career, and his sheep humping breathren will be loud. Both offenses should be explosive, and I like Tech's D to make a few more stops, and force JJ into his customary bad decisions. Tech by 14.


What a time to be Tiger. Everyone hates you in the Big XII, but we all know that Missouri is such a crap hole state anyway. Who goes there on purpose besides Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton? Hell, even Porter Wagner would stay way. Anyway, the Tigers have no clue who they are, and this could be dangerous. I'm glad the game is in the HUB, as it could be fairly intersting. Tech by 14.


Landry Jones isn't all that. I do like Demarco Murray though. It's a tough place to play, but why not? Anything is possible in this deadbeat state. Tommy Morrison once landed a role in a Rocky movie. The Flaming Lips are celebrated as the greatest thing since the invention of the trailer park. (the Flaming Lips suck, btw..) And lastly, Barry Switzer is legendary here. Anything is possible. (I keep telling myself that..) Finally a W in Norman. Tech by 7.

The last 2 games are wins too.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Week One

well, week one is in the bag, with wins across the board for the Big 12, with the lone exception of Kansas, who kicked off the Turner Gill era with a 6-3 loss to North Dakota State.

the Aggies started fast in front of a record opening day crowd of 81,287, driving methodically to the redzone, then stalled out and missed a FG on a botched snap. The slow start continued for 10 minutes, until a Christine Michael TD with 5 minutes remaining in the first quarter. Once A&M finally scored, they were off to the races, with a 48-7 win, including an interception return for a TD by Dustin Harris. A&M only punted once after the 1st quarter. JJ threw for 322 yards and 2 TD's, plus ran for another, and Christine Michael had over 150 yards, including over 100 on the ground. Depth at receiver looks great, as JJ was able to spread the ball around. Most impressive was the defense, who held SFA to 265 yards and 7 points. Weak opponent, but dominating win by A&M.

Tech had their hands full with SMU and June Jones, but again, the defense was impressive. They intercepted SMU three times, and held when it mattered, and closed out an 8 point win in Lubbock on Sunday. This game was never truly in question. The Tuberville era started where Leach left off, with Potts throwing for 359 yards and four TD's on 53 attempts, while racking up <100 yards on the ground. In a pirate hat tip to Leach, TT even mixed in an ill-advised attempt at converting a 4th and long. The Red Raiders were 0-3 on fourth down and missed two field goals.

Glad the season is underway, and both teams are 1-0.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Exerpts From the 2010 Haters Guide:

(from - edited...)

The relevant teams:

5. Texas: Oh, you Austinites. So @#$%^^ pleased with yourselves. Ooh, loogit us! We have indie movies and indie music and indie food carts and indie pencils! You know what? I don't like indie things. I don't like Animal Collective. I saw Half Nelson, and it was a piece of #$%^. I like movies and songs that look and sound like they cost more than four dollars to make. And if they come hipster-free, then all the better. You people are the $%&*$# Williamsburg of Texas, and that isn't a compliment. Though I do like that Sam Acho. It's like his last name is a suffix for all good Latino things: macho, nacho, muchacho, Comacho, borracho… Great name. But you are still ASS.

6. TCU: Every year, TCU plays archrival SMU in a game known as the Battle for the Iron Skillet. Oooh! Hold me back! YOU TALK ABOUT A RIVALRY! I can't wait to see which uptight *&%$# Texas &$%#@& school this year gets to lay claim to a T-Fal nonstick pan. WHO WILL FRY THE FIRST EGG OF SWEET VICTORY? Count me in!

7. Oklahoma, 8. Nebraska: I don't even know why we bother to differentiate states like Oklahoma from Kansas or Nebraska. Shouldn't these all just be lumped into one giant, *&%$# state? We don't even have to call it a state. We can just call the US Central Territories. It could appear on maps as a giant black block. Just ignore this section, world. Mind our appearance while we renovate so that it doesn't look like the arid, man-zombie landscape it currently is. We'll replace it with a Michael Kors outlet store by 2015.

My personal favorites:

2. Ohio State: Oh, sweet #$&$ *&%$#, you people again? Haven't you people pissed away enough titles? Shouldn't you be banished to NAIA so that we don't have to see you lose the national title by 47 points to an SEC team? It's because of YOU that people from the South are actually starting to feel good about themselves again. That is crap.

I've been to Columbus. It's the kind of place no one would ever live voluntarily. You either live there because you can't afford to live anywhere else, or because the judge put a travel restriction on your DUI probation. Tear the roof off a $%#@*&% Houlihan's, expand the size of it to 50 square miles, and that's Columbus. Just one big generic pile of *&%$. They should have just named it "City."

10. Virginia Tech: I'm really tired of this team being a "dark horse" national title contender. Pencil them in for 10 boring-as-@#&* wins and a forgettable bowl victory and let's never speak of them again. Know why every analyst creams his jeans watching your special teams? Because watching your offense is like trying to watch two fat people *&%$##$^ without lubricant.

20. Florida State: Well, well, well. Look who's in charge now. They finally pushed out Bobby Bowden and replaced him with… Jimbo Fisher. Really? You entrusted a storied program to a dude named Jimbo? Did he promise you a free fried possum in exchange for the job? Enjoy the cellar of a forgotten conference, East Alabama.

22. Auburn: No one cares. Bama will plow you like Charlie Sheen's third escort of the evening


Happy Birthday, Fletch!

One of my dear friends for (gulp) 29 years.... We love you!