Sunday, August 31, 2008

Opening weekend

Congrats to the Red Raiders for dominating Eastern Washington. I am still completely stunned by the Aggies' first loss of a home opener since my freshman year at A&M. That was a 1987 loss to LSU. We won at home the following weekend against Washington (not Eastern), and also beat Brett Favre's USM team in Hattiesburg, and finished the season with a Cotton Bowl win over Notre Dame. We went on to finish the season 10-2, the only other loss at the hands of who else....Texas Tech, 27-21 in Lubbock. I long for those days, when we gave up 161 points the entire season.

The Arkansas State loss yesterday may be the single most embarrassing loss in A&M history, including 1991 Tulsa, 1995 Texas Tech, 1996 USL Ragin Cajuns, and 2004 Baylor. Those were all road games against reasonably (relatively) respectable opponents. There's just no way to spin this one, and I'm the Aggie spinmaster. Four CRITICAL turnovers, two missed field goals, and the defense gave up over 400 yards at home, blowing a 14-3 lead. Completely pitiful. We are definitely not ready for a road game, but I expect to see a lot of Jerrod Johnson next weekend in New Mexico.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Money B = El Busto

My name is Martellus, but call me Money B
I run routes so weak, Parcells should call me "she".

I like to refer to myself a big time rapper
Cuz my on the field effort belongs in the crapper.

I don't really understand all of the bad pub
All my ego wants is just one big rub.

So pleez gimme what I want so that I don't have to pout
Just like I did after the latest Texas Tech rout.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008