Friday, September 30, 2005

Gotta love those Tech girls

Tech sorority girl auctioning off hot photos taken by her sorority sisters (yeah, right). She doesn't look like a Tech sorority chick to me. Probably a project for a business class at Tech.

Sounds like post-game in Lubbock

Fun article to read: LINK

Here's my favorite exerpt, which is legend at A&M:

Legend has it that some (A&M cadets) commandeered a howitzer, loaded it on a flatbed rail car and were headed to Waco to shell the Baylor campus when Texas Rangers felled trees across the tracks to stop them.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Norm's rant on the Tech Schedule

Norm's take on the Texas Tech schedule/ranking.

I have to say I agree for the most part, except that I have no problem with Tech being in the Top 25. Their ascent to 13/16 is a little silly based on their conquests of Texas Women's, et al.

Link: Norm Hitzges rant on Tech

Bongs, et al, Part II

Baylor: Will it be a "scrimmage" like last week's game against in-state powerhouse Central Texas, or will it be a blowout? Ags win, pulling away late and running up the score so Coach Fraud gets laid that night (by his wife).
@Colorado: Wow, could be real tough and low-scoring (sort of like trying to find a hot chick in Collie Station). Ags lose solely because of the venue, and complain afterwards of having batteries thrown at them by the Buffs band.
OSU: Gundy sucks in his first year. Ags win.
@K-State: Manhattan is not an easy place to win, and this should be a tough game. Ags win.
ISU: I told Joe to circle this one 2 months ago. ISU is tough. Ags lose and Torborgush is virtually assured of losing his job (it's Aggie tradition to fire the coordinator - ala pass the buck)
@Tech: Yeah, right. The only good news is that after this smack-down, Torborgush receives a call from Burt Reynolds to play Sheriff Bufford T Justice in "Smokey and the Bandit IV" He accepts and immediately begins a steady diet of 3 Death Burgers per day.
@OU: The Sooners get up for their last game, and instead of taking a knee on the Aggie 5 yard line this time around, Stoops goes for 6, and scores. Ags lose.
UT: Shocker! The Ags come to play after Dan Campbell gives an emotional pre-game "A&M is a school where men love women" plea. Ags win to save Coach Fraud's job and give the rest of us more fodder for next year and donations come pouring in for the new Andy Slocum weight training facility.

Bongs, Bloviating, Beef Jerky, and Beer

(Again, seeing how this site is family-friendly, I have refrained from using the obligatory "boobs" reference)

I guess this is my opportunity to post my picks for the rest of the season, and for the most part I agree with Joe, except for a few **notable** games.

Kansas: Well, it is Mangino; but conversely, it's also Kansas, and it's the the Hub too. Big win.
@Nebraska: Agreed - good year to travel to Lincoln, and a fantastic venue to make a statement. Win.
K-State: Snyder's boys will come to play (at least for a quarter, depending on how hard Tech smacks them in the mouth early on), but the game is also in the Hub. Win.
@Texas: Hmm. It's already being billed as the game to decide the South, and everyone expects Texas to win (which is exactly what I like). Tech will have to play a flawless, smart game to win, and it's possible - if not plausible.
@Baylor: The Bears could wear pink hats and still wouldn't have a chance. Big win.
A&M: Commander Cody could give Jaxson every play, point to every receiver before he throws the ball, and the Wrecked Crew would still give up 500 yards passing, along with 6 or 7 scores. I won't even get into what Hendo will do. Big win.
@OSU: Gundy sucks in his first year - a truly pathetic bunch of underachievers. (actually, the truth is they were always overrated and now they're just playing up to par) Win.
OU: The Sooners will come to play and play tough - for a while. The fact that this game is in the Hub gives me hope that Tech can pile it on in the end and make the whole state happy.

I still don't know what will happen in Austin on the 22nd, although I will say that I really like Tech's opportunity. The true test will see how this team continues to play the next 3 weeks, and how much maturity and professionalism they bring to the table.

For the record, I'm not a groomsman in a wedding on the day of the UT game - I wouldn't choose to be friends with any dude who would schedule a wedding during football season. I will, in fact, be "giving away" the bride instead - and even though the wedding falls on a bad day for me, it is still an incredible honor. (the bride has degrees from both schools) Here's hoping both teams continue to win, and ABC picks it up for an 11:00 or 2:30 kickoff!

Joe's Tech predictions

It wasn't too hard to predict Tech's starting at 3-0. I would insert a joke here, but what's the point.

So, here are my predictions and commentary for the conference schedule for the Texas Tech Red Raiders football squad:

10/1 KANSAS: Carry on my wayward son....Tech rings up 70 on these clowns from the North
10/8 @ Nebraska: Perfect year to visit Lincoln....Tech puts on a spread offense clinic for the cornholers....another W here.
10/15 K-STATE: Could be a trap game for the Red Raiders, but it's a night game in Lubbock, so Tech pulls out a close one here.
10/22 @ Texas: The Longhorns are too fast for Tech, and will control the clock, keeping the Red Raider scoring machine on the bench. TECH's FIRST LOSS is today, with Blake spared the pain since he will be a groomsman at a wedding.
10/29 @ Baylor...big win
11/5 TEXAS A&M: The Rooster is enjoying Dallas, and wants to stay another year. The Ags have a rare upset in Lubbock today
11/12 @ Okie Lite: Big win over a team that is made up entirely of the Woods family.
11/19 OKLAHOMA: The Sooners will have some of their defensive woes fixed by now, but not enough to stop the Red Tide: Tech rolls in Lubbock for Leach's first victory over his old school.

This will put Tech finishing the season at 9-2, with losses only to the two teams ahead of them in the South: UT and A&M. Will this put Tech in the Alamo Bowl? I can't remember the pecking order for Big 12 bowls.

Joe's A&M predictions

Well, if Ted wants predictions, here they are. I am not too far behind, and will be honest about what my predictions were on the games that have already been played. I had both teams at 3-0 at this point, so that field goal at the end of the Clemson game is my only blemish.

Remaining Aggie games:
10/1 BAYLOR WIN: Big revenge game here for last years OT upset by Baylor. Aggies are hitting on all cylinders here on both sides of the ball (3-1)
10/8 @ Colorado WIN: This is a tough place to play, but the Ags will win, in spite of making the inconsistent Joel Klatt look like Johnny Unitas (4-1)
10/15 OKIE LITE WIN: Woods brothers not enough for the Orange Aggies (5-1)
10/22 @ K-State WIN: The Ags will make this one look close, but come away with another big win here (6-1)
10/29 IOWA ST. WIN: No team from the North can come in and win at Kyle this year. Cyclones go down big in front of 85,000 (7-1)
11/5 @ Texas Tech WIN: I know, it's a bold place to predict a victory, especially after the pathetic pass defense displayed by Ags so far, but the will patch up the defense enough to win a shootout in Lubbock. Another cardiac game for Roosterbowl VIII (8-1)
11/12 @ OU WIN: Peterson is all they've got. Ags force many turnovers and win big (9-1)
11/25 TEXAS LOSS: I hate to predict a loss here, but UT will have only been challenged by Tech up to this point, and will be 10-0 and smelling roses. Probably too much for the Ags this year unless the spoiler factor combines with a big Kyle Field advantage. (9-2)

Final prediction: 9-2, which should put A&M in the 1st bowl slot for the Big 12, since UT will be in the BCS Championship Rose Bowl.

I have to go to work. I will do my Tech predictions later today.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Leach-ism of the Day

From the Austin Soviet-Statesman:

Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach has been photographed and interviewed for a story that should appear this fall in The New York Times Magazine, which is published each Sunday. A Tech official said he believes the story will focus on Leach's unique approach to coaching and his quirky personality. Leach says he's in the dark -- literally -- about why he's the subject of a story in the prestigious publication.

"I sit in a dark room filled with coffee cups and watch film all the time," he said. "The difference between me and Mr. Magoo is significantly less than you might think."

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ode to Mama Moonbat

I love the way your sandy hair
Floats in the air.
To me it's like a lullaby,
I'm just flying by
Oh so high,
Like a kite tied to a stake.

"Tech"-nology Flashback

1983 Motorola's Dyna TAC 8000X
The Worlds First Cell Phone aka "The Brick"

Weight 2 lbs! More than 1 foot long including the antenna

Price..... $3,995.00

Ran across this stat, and busted out laughing, has it been that long?!

Ted "That Full beer is mine" Kennedy

Monday, September 26, 2005

Who is more Hick?

Who is more Hick? Texas A&M or Texas Tech?

Hmm this is a problem that has probably been bothering me for about 7 minutes. It may be because I ran out of beer in my house.

First I must look up Hick in the dictionary “an unsophisticated provincial person” Hmm so to call some one a country hick is redundant.

Well, I begin to think back to my road trips. Drinkin..yup that’s hick. As much as we liked bud, Keystone light by the case and coors seemsed to rule A&M back in the day. Now unless Tech is drinking Milwaukee’s best in the can 24/7 I think this is a tie on this aspect. Hick Tech 0 : Hick A&M 0

Boot wearing and caca kickin: Hmm again appears a tie as you can easily find both over both campuses. But I have to give this Hick trait to Tech. Why, well A&M has this thing called the Corps. The Senior boots are a work of craftsmanship and art, I can’t call it anything related to hickness. Where the Tech guys at the games have a pair of ropers on and cowbells. That’s hick if I ever saw it. Hick Tech 1 : Hick A&M 0

Strange unexplainable activities: Hmm tech throws tortillas, kool aid and batteries. Aggies used to light a big ol fire. Well both are hick, but a big ol fire, come on how much more hick can it get?! Hick Tech 1 : Hick A&M 1

Women: Well Tech is known for some debaucherous women. A&M, well, we have some as well. But hands “Guns” up who will you vote most likely find has spent time in a hayloft? Hmmm We did have 2 Aggie ladies in a hot tub at the last Roosterbowl. The last Tech Trip Roosterbowl , we could only find one to wear a thong over her jeans. By actions alone I’m going A&M here. Hick Tech 1 : Hick A&M 2

Fiscal responsibility: Hmm this is a tough one. Well in a nut shell Joe and Blake keep a web site up and pay for it and arrange rooster bowl. I’d almost give this one a draw, when I recall the Tech chick with the hot checks to Roosterbowl! Advantage Tech.
Hick Tech 2 : Hick A&M 2

Well It’s tied going into overtime..again… how do I break this. Lubbock vs College Station: 9 out of 10 times the smell alone in Lubbock wins it for Tech, but in this the ultimate Hick Showdown….College Station wins with the Silk Stocking…. A converted double wide trailer into a bar/strip club where the waitress are also the dancers and the DJ is a juke box! Now appearing on the Main Stage.. Aggies
Hick Tech 2 : Hick A&M 3

Once again A&M wins in the stats that don’t mean anything column. See you at the RoosterBowl.

Ted “Why do those Men in San Fran like to pinch me” Kennedy

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Tech Therapy:

Howdy Raider Red! I’m sitting here thinking Tech needs therapy. Yup I’m thinking a little time on the couch (Not ,shall we say, pleasuring themselves to video of the 2003 game) will be good for them. I’m thinking they are suffering from over compensating syndrome for some perceived shortcoming.

Now before Blake kicks my butt or steals my beer, let me clarify why I think this. I’ve been looking at stats, reading the articles learning about the players on A&M and Tech Teams. Hmm, this is going to be another pretty close game (Looking at last years figures mainly to come to this conclusion) So what? Well, if Tech is a decent..cough…cough.. good.. cough team, well then why don’t they get the street cred for talent? Why did I have to go look this stuff up. Thank goodness I had beer to get me through it.

Hmm, Why is Tech the team some love to hate. Is it cause they have a bunch of hot, easy check bouncing women and there nothing to do but cow tip in Lubbock? Well that would imply jealousy. No, I can’t say people are jealous of Tech. So I start to read further. More articles, ESPN, NFL, read grasshopper. I ponder on. I start to see even the media takes stabs at Tech. More little barb articles, blog notes, forum postings than the same celebrating the team for their accomplishments are all over the place. Now I’m an Ag trying to be objective while poking fun, but man it appears people really get off on bashing Tech.

What’s the cause, the root of the equation, what’s the born on date for this beer? As I read on, there suddenly comes this revelation. People like to bash Leach!! , Holy cow and Bobby Knight, OMG they’re even bashing the Sharp the Women’s Basketball coach. WTF, we don’t beat our women up in Texas.

It’s as if the identity of the team out there is the coach. Now Blake has been great at talking about the talent on the team, but ya know, when people are talking tech, it’s the whole “Leach” is “X,Y or Z” I think he does this on purpose. He may be protecting his team, but does he do it a disservice by not letting them shine? If your not a Tech fan, and someone says Texas Tech, what’s your word association? What’s the last absurd thing you heard? For me it was something about Leach and how blah blah blah. He’s doing his job. The numbers show he’s taken Tech to a point where I can go to Missouri and explain Roosterbwl and they have heard of Tech. Then they say “That coach is an XXXX” WTF.

I’ll be drinkin with a bunch of Tech fans this year in Lubbock. I expect us to talk smack and smoke crack! Your coach isn’t your team, get out there and bring it. I officially open the whoopazz smack talking season with a your Tech Mama joke.

Leach would probably tell me to get bent and look at the scoreboard. I’d have to kick him in the nuts so I could see it. Tech fans, I have two things to say to you as you lie back on the couch here with Doc Kennedy. 1) Pass the beer nuts 2) when they say Tech sucks, stinks etc, throw some of the stats out there and make ‘em look beyond the eccentricities of the coaches.

Your Tech Mama is so Hairy, The Raider Red Mascott has his moustache made from her back hair!

See ya at the Rooster!Ted “I have a burning Sensation” Kennedy.

Return of the Rooster

After a long day of crawling from bar to bar with my pants around my ankles and a cold frosty one in my hand, I like to settle the evening down with a healthy dose of Rooster Bowl.

It’s cool refreshing banter provoking content makes me think back to the fine days I spent drunk as a youth sippin fine Irish whisky with Sally, my imaginary girlfriend. Aye, the gold ole days where the only thing better than scaring sheep in a field was swimming drunk in cappiquidic. But that’s what makes Roosterbowl different. It’s not just about being a tool to be envied by the masses, nope it’s all about the grabbin an ice cold beer, talking smack, Trashin Tech fans for their debauchery … which I admire by the way.. and finally gazing into the deep blue eyes of a coed in a Lewisnsky stained dress as she strips down to a Roosterbowl Thong and says “If Tech Wins…. You win” I think that’s the only way I’d be rooting for Tech.

But I digress, hic. This is The Year of the Cock, the Rooster, the Roosterbowl Baby. Were talking ROOSTER GONE WILD. Yeah the new site is up. I’ve put on clean shorts, and I’m ready to have an accident! For the uninitiated, you have no idea what a nutty thing this has become. RV’s, Hot Tubs, Beer, Burned Hot dogs, Panties, Bad Checks, the naked dude who’s name no one remembers, Tree drinkin, exploding toilets stuff you can’t tell your mother …ever…, the are you a cop questions, and last and the reason for all of this… the game.

A&M and Tech is always a great game. The fans at both school do two things well; Stand behind their teams, and drink beer. Did I mention they both drink beer? They also talk smack. True Ag’s and True Raiders believe their teams will win. Period. One funny thing about Roosterbowl is the logic behind why they believe their teams will win. Post, read, await a reply, no reason is unreasonable here. My prediction Ag’s win by 4 beers. Normally I’d say a full six pack, but the game is in Lubbock. (Just wait until I start writing about Lubbock)

Meanwhile back at Rooster Central. So what’s on tap this year. Well I hear they have moved where the RV’s have to park from previous years. Hope they let me start a fire! I’m building a stripper pole. Why…cause I saw this site on the internet that said coeds need cash..I have cash and a stripper pole! Hmm what kind of trouble can I get into with that combination? Add a bit of Jaggermiester (BTW I will pay to find a way to make Jaggermiester Jello shots ..I can’t get it to congeal.) Uhh the game, well it’s going to be freaking awesome. Two teams with potential and a propensity to either execute or fall apart. I don’t know who is going to win. Makes me need a beer just to calm down. I’m going nuts here! Some one start a tequila IV drip stat…. (Hey Joe, can you convert a pain pump to dispense vodka?)

Now if you read this and think ol Teddy Kennedy is a drunk, womanizing bastard, well, uh, what I am going to say to that? Pass the Bourbon baby, and see you at the RoosterBowl! I’ll be the guy with the beer.

Ted “ I’m drinking Lone Star Light n a plastic cup” Kennedy

Who's your Datty?

Once again, the Cowboys won a close game sealed by the stellar play of a Fightin' Texas Aggie. In the San Diego game, Aaron Glenn sealed the game with an interception. Today, Dat Nguyen closed out the Niner's by picking off a Tim Rattay pass in the final minute.

Austin City Limits Festival, Day II

While Day I was totally alcohol free, we made up for it yesterday. After all, nothing goes better with a 95 degree day better than a bunch of adult bevies... Anyway, Day II did bring a few surprises.

The HIGHlights:

Deathcab For Cutie is a pretty hip Seattle band - I checked them out a few years ago at Emo's solely because of their name, and walked away semi-unimpressed. The band's latest effort, however, is its best and I recommend it.

The John Butler Trio hails from Australia, and there were more dreadlocks at this show per capita than anywhere else at any given time yesterday - dig those stand up basses.

The real shows were still to come, however, and 2 of the 3 didn't disappoint - although the one that did was a little surprising to me. At this point Cody Hodges had thrown his first INT of the year.

Jet opened up their show loudly reminiscent of those 70's bands we all loved and just kept cranking it out the whole time it was on stage with no BS in between songs - a great rock and roll band.

We were backstage (Stubb's plug here) for the last 2 shows of the night and Bloc Party, as it turned out, stole the whole day's worth of music. They were the darlings of SXSW and these guys just don't know how good they really are. At one point, the lead singer gushed that the crowd was the largest they had ever played for. Go buy this album right now.

Finally, the big disappointment was Oasis. The guys just didn't appear that they even cared to be there, which was too bad considering how good of a band they used to be. Yawn.

The night wound down at Stubb's where Wilco was playing, but at that point we were more interested in paying Jack in the Box a visit for the second night in a row.

Time for round 3 - the Tivo is set for 3pm.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Austin City Limits Festival, Day I

It turned out to be a beautiful day at Zilker - no rain whatsoever. The freaks were definitely out on patrol yesterday as well, which always makes for good eye candy.

Particularly amusing were the guys standing around whispering "mushrooms, mushrooms" as you walked by. Even more amusing was the fact that they discriminated who they would speak to, apparently judging people by their appearance.

Lucinda's show was my favorite, and other highlights were Spoon, Thievery Corporation, and Keane. They wheeled out the Allman Brothers for about an hour, but you didn't miss anything if you have their greatest hits album. The Black Crows closed it out last night, and every song they played was about 15 minutes long, which surprised me because I didn't think anyone who smoked that much ganga could possibly have an attention span that long....

Tonight, Oasis rocks the house. I last caught them at the Bronco Bowl in 1996, and it is easily the best live ROCK show I've ever seen.

Stay tuned.

(this report courtesy of Bob Scratchit of Waxahachie and Billy Bong Thornton)

what to do?

I am struggling to get into my college football groove. The Aggies have already played (barely), UT is off.....I usually watch the Tech game, but I just can't get into the Indiana State matchup, and it's not on TV anyway.

So, today, I am a Florida Gator fan. The Gators play at Kentucky at 2:30 today, and should roll to 5-0.


Friday, September 23, 2005

I'm going on a diet!

Hidden benefits of agave?

I think I finally found a diet plan I can stick to. (Wait, I think I have tried this before)

Thursday night Rita bowl

The defense was a total no show last night. I am not quite sure how we made a D2 offense look like they were being led by Michael Vick. But, it's not quite time to panic.

If we hadn't already shown we could manhandle a supposedly overmatched team in the SMU game, I would be more worried. I do wish we had repeated that effort last night, but it was an odd scenario in every aspect of last night's game, so I guess it's a little easier to shrug it off.

The offense, on the other hand, put up huge numbers last night: >300 passing and just under 100 rushing for Reggie; >100 rushing for Lewis; and >200 receiving for Carter. Carter is turning into a star. The offense still looked out of sync somehow. Reggie made several bad throws, and they stalled out in the red zone. I really think they were experimenting with some playcalling or something.

As long as we get back to form next Saturday against Baylor, I won't be too worried.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

"Can Tech Score 100"

This is the question posed in today's Dallas Morning News. What a stupid question with an obvious answer: YES!

In spite of what critics have said, I think Mike Leach showed a great deal of mercy last week when he pulled his starters so early. That being said, how can he ask the 2nd and 3rd stringers to lay down, especially when it will be one of the very few chances they get to play all season. I would be a big critic of Leach for leaving in the starters and not easing up the play calling, but to put the backups in and not let them run the offense would be silly, not to mention insulting to the other team. You also have to consider that a team losing by 40 in a non-conf game will also pull their own starters. They don't want to risk injury to a key player when the outcome is decided. This pits the hungry Tech backups running a spread offense against a division 2 backup defense that has probably given up........of course there will be more scoring.

I am no Tech apologist, but Leach deserves a break here.

Joe Terry
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Well, the Aggie game was moved to tomorrow night, and I have 3 tickets. I was planning to take Shannon and Madi on Saturday night, but on a Thursday night, that's not an option.

I am perfectly willing to drive down and back tomorrow night, but no one to go with me. Blake has company and Brad has to work.....Rob is in Missouri. Robert Greer could probably go, but I can't track him down. I would get Scott Hill to meet me, but he is evacuating Houston for the same reason the game was moved............

I am marooned!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

This could foul up my weekend

I have 3 tickets to the A&M/Texas State game Saturday night. Looks like it might be rescheduled to get it in before Hurricane Rita.

This reminds me of the Alabama game in 1988. Bama refused to travel to College Station because of Hurricane Gilbert (which hit Mexico), because they did not want to put their players in danger. The game was rescheduled for December 4, after the UT game, and, incidentally, after the Bama quarterback was healthy. A&M was bowl ineligible that year, so we dubbed the Bama game the "Hurricane Bowl", and everyone threw parties serving hurricanes before the night game at Kyle Field.

The Aggies lost, to complete their non-conference schedule at 0-4 (LSU, Nebraska, Oklahoma St, Bama). What do you think Mike Leach would do with THAT non-conf slate?

I feel compelled to add a more current picture

since you seem to be living in 2002, maybe this will bring you up to date:


....while wondering if even Carl Lewis would have been able to catch Wes - probably not on this day. This return trumps (barely) Ty Thurman's electric 96 yard return against the Horns in '86.

Leach vs Metroplex's Other Paper

Does anyone else listen to the coaches' teleconferences every Monday on

I think it's hilarious that Leach refuses to answer any question offered up to him by the Ft Wayne Star-Telegraph beat writer, and simply dismisses him with a simple, "next question" every week.

For those who don't know, the Star-Telegraph ran a front page "notice" a few weeks ago on its sports page informing its readers that since Leach only allows 2 members of his team to address the media weekly, it in turn would refuse to write any articles about the Tech team other than game recaps.

A politician Leach is not.


Looks like we made some notoriety leading up to the game last year on Funny to see several guys, none of whom are any of us, trying to explain the Roosterbowl to someone else, then one pinhead calls us "yahoos" and makes the obvious point that we are not sanctioned by either university.

Link to 12th Fan post

At least they were talking about us. Any publicity is good, right?

Finally, a real site!!

If you are reading this, then you can see that we finally have a REAL website for your viewing pleasure. Please feel free to post your comments using our real time tag-board to the left, or as a comment to the blog post.

You will also notice that we have ROOSTERGEAR available for purchase. You can now show your Rooster pride by wearing a Roosterbowl t-shirt or hat, or even drinking your coffee from an official Roosterbowl mug. Rooster chick and chicklet gear is also available, so get a bib or jumper for your kid and a thong for your wife or girlfriend (or both!).

Contributors will be myself and Blake, with guest contributions by your pal and mine "Ted Kennedy", among others.