Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Lot's of talk the last 7 or so days regarding the looming breakup of the Big 12. First, Nebraska and Mizzou to the Big 10.....then just Nebraska, with Missouri left on an island. Then Baylor and Colorado jockeying for that last spot that would make the PAC-10 the "PAC-16". After Colorado accepted a solo invite, effectively neutering Baylor's chances, we have started to see cracks in the remaining five: Texas, A&M, Tech, OU, and Oklahoma State. A&M is the only team to exert any level of independence from "daddy", refusing to let Texas call all the shots. Good for A&M, for not following what Bake calls "the flock", and being UT's willing prison bitch. Since A&M showed some backbone, it looks as though the Sooners are also entertaining a break to the SEC with A&M.

As of yet, there is no offer for A&M, but the SEC Commissioner was reportedly in College Station today.

All the talk seems to be centered around the end of Texas and A&M's near 100 years in the same conference, and the potential crumbling of a century old rivalry, in which each team mentions the other in their fight song. Certainly A&M and t.u. would continue their annual Thanksgiving day game, even as a non-conference matchup, right? Seems that UT may be trying to leverage A&M west, by saying they would not schedule A&M in any sport as a non-conference opponent. This is political jockeying, but I'm certain of one thing: UT is DEAD SET on going to the PAC-10, and I don't think they will do otherwise. Their President is a Cal alum, and can't resist the idea of circle-jerking with his elitist west coast buddies at Berkeley and Stanford.

In the end, I hope A&M does what's best for the school. If we break from the pack, I will accept it, but there is much I will miss. I will never forget my first Thanksgiving night game at Kyle Field in 1987. As it had been so many times, the winner would go home with bragging rights, as well as the SWC title and a Cotton Bowl berth. A&M was the better team that year, having lost only to LSU and Texas Tech. Texas was an underdog, but gave it a fight, just as you would expect, and the game came down to the final quarter. As the Aggies sealed the victory, I could see cotton floating in the Kyle Field lights.

What will bring me great sadness will be the impact of that move to the RoosterBowl. Clearly, playing in different conferences would end this annual contest between the Aggies and the Red Raiders.

Therefore, it is in defense of this RoosterBowl tradition that I hold so dear, that I am advocating to hold together, expand, or whatever it takes, the Big 12 Conference. This is the only way to keep all of our valuable traditions intact....especially the unique tradition of RoosterBowl.