Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big 12 football schedules

After scanning through the Big 12 Football schedules this year, it appears that every team made some effort to schedule at least one tough nonconference game from a BCS conference. Wait a minute, there was 1 team that choose to schedule nothing but weaklings. Any guesses as to which team went all cupcakes?

Take a look...

OU plays #5 Florida State (on the road)
OSU plays #47 Arizona
TX plays #40 BYU and #74 UCLA (on the road)
A&M plays #10 Arkansas
MIZZOU plays #25 Arizona State (on the road)
Baylor plays #15 TCU
KSU plays #26 Miami (on the road)
ISU plays #41 Iowa
KU plays #46 Georgia Tech (on the road)

Texas Tech plays (division 2) Texas State, #120 New Mexico, and #69 Nevada. What a collection of powerhouses. So disappointing that Tuberville is following in Mike Leach's footsteps of scheduling cupcakes. Tech fans wonder why no one respects them? The Big 12 is trying to maintain their image of a strong conference and Tech continues to pull us down. Pitiful!