Sunday, October 02, 2011


A little late, I know, but here are my predictions for this upcoming Tech season.  The first 2 picks were gimmes, so the real ones actually begin this week.

9/3 Central Texas (or whatever they're calling themselves this year...): The $15 Million Fraud has resurfaced in San Marcos!  This is a perfect place for him to settle in because he can just turn his old aggy shirts inside out, and put a Bobcat sticker on them.  Tech wins big at home.

9/10 Bye

9/17 @ New Mesico:  The Land of Landfills is a nice early road match-up for the Red Raiders.  Tech wins on the road 35-7.

9/24 Nevada:  The Pistol Offense does concern me a little bit, but Glasgow's D should be able to contain it in the HUB.  Tech's offense should be able to hang about 42 on the Pack.  Tech big, 45-20.

10/1 @ KU: I'm hoping this is the last time my Raiders have to travel to Big 8 country.  Let's face it: these schools are bottom feeders in the football world, and places like Seattle, Tucson, and Palo Alto should prove to be more fun to travel to every season or so than Aames and Lawrence.  Turner Gill is a real coach, and the 'Hawks will be more tough, but I still have Tech winning 35-21.

10/8 Rooster Bowl XIV - The Final Edition: aggy is pretty good, and should prove to be better than it was in 2009's upset of the Red Raiders.  It's going to be a nasty crowd, and I'm hoping for a prime time kick off.  I see a pretty good game, with both teams slugging it out.  In the end, however, I have Tech winning (surprise..) 41-38 in a classic remiscent of 2002's shoot out.

10/15 @ KState: (see KU comments)  Snyder's back with what should to prove to be a better Wildcat team than he had last year.  He's a great coach who can do quite a bit with not much talent, but Tech is too talented this year.  Tech wins 41-20

10/22 @OU: This is the year it happens.  No score prediction.  

10/29 Iowa State: (see KU comments)  Tech 49-10.  (could be closer if the Cyclones wear those hideous ketchup-red pants)

11/5 @ UT: This is the year it happens.  No score prediction.

11/12 Xerox State: Glad this one's in the HUB this year.  The Cowboys are good, but not as good as advertised.  Holgerson's gone, and this year will prove that the Chipmunk is overrated.  Red Raiders win 35-31.

11/19 @ Mizzou: Tough road game late in the season, but Tech wins a big one 24-14.  Columbia has not been kind to Tech, and this is huge because it's probably the last time the 2 teams plays here.

11/26 Brazos @ Arlington: The Bears are not only pesky, but frisky as well.  Another shootout goes in Tech's favor 45-38.  


bake said...

I know I'm a little late with these - time flys when you're 4-0 to start off the season...

T-ray said...

Congrats, amazing how easy it is when your toughest game is Kansas.

Magnum said...

So who do you think Tech will play in the BCS Championship game? Any predictions on Tech's margin of victory there?

bake said...

Joe, I should be asking you the same question. Oh, wait, nevermind...

Brad, I don't think anything has been easy - except for you finding a way not to show up again this year.